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He was very impressive during the press conference.

Did he just say “we’ve got some black guys?” Damn you Southerners are hard to understand sometimes. 😃

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Yeah. Ty Storey wasn't the problem last year. ... See MoreSee Less


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Based upon what’s happened since last season and what I saw today, I think that Ty was somewhat scapegoated. In hindsight, it was Chad Morris who should have been blamed, not Ty Storey. I’m a 62 year old life long Razorback football fan, with two degrees from the U of A. In college and law school days, I was a rabid fan who went to every home game in Fayetteville. We had season football tickets for over 20 years. After the 2012 season, though, we gave them up. Economics was a big factor, but an even bigger one was disgust. It was hard at first that season. But by the next one, it wasn’t. Instead, it was more enjoyable to watch several games at home on HD, and maybe a few other random games. It’s sad to say, but I’ve become an apathetic Hog football fan.

Our 18yo’s should smoke a veteran WKU and SJS team all day. Forget age, run a system with Rakeem Boyd in the back and we’ve got 7 losses.

Worst part about losing to WKU? They lost to UCA earlier this year

Seems every QB that comes off the bench does better than the QB that started...but then does worse when they get first team reps and starts the next week. #qbkiller

If they don’t fire Chad after this loss we need a new AD.

Never really thought he was.

Its not the players


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While Chad L. is trying to get us to smile, watch this and feel good...

www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmLVyR5XzAkDave Van Horn Post Fall Ball Presser 11-1-19
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Four star LB from Memphis, Martavius French, decommitted and committed to Tennessee. Along with his teammates that we were also recruiting. ... See MoreSee Less


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Actually offers were pulled after the kid (or kids) stoke from our locker room this weekend. TN obviously cares nothing about this which isn’t shocking.

The question about this becomes “was he committed to Arkansas or was he committed to his teammates?” Because his teammates never seemed high on the hog to begin with

Best of luck to him in the future look forward to watch the hogs kick their but in a few years wps

Arkansas coaches backed off them after their visit this past weekend and they allegedly stole cleats and headphones ...

He’s the one that got caught stealing stuff from the locker room on his official visit, we don’t appreciate thieves in Arkansas. WPS

The issue for these kids isn’t the wins and losses....obviously. They go to TN on a recruiting trip and see a full stadium of over 100,000 no matter how bad they are or how poor their opponent is supposed to be. They come here and see barely 40,000 actual attendance in an 80000 seat stadium. These kids want people to see them play. I’m as guilty as anyone, but if I’m the AD my main focus over the next couple of Fayetteville games is to get butts in seats...period. Whatever I have to do.

Which is better looking bad in red or looking bad in orange?

That’s like trading your Red 1997 Chevy Cavalier for an Orange 1998 Ford Escort. Pointless.


recruit someone else, it's as simple as that....

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Another decommit. Ty'kieast Crawford announced it right after the game. Three of them so far...all were top 50 at their position. Two were top 25. ... See MoreSee Less

Another decommit. Tykieast Crawford announced it right after the game. Three of them so far...all were top 50 at their position. Two were top 25.


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It’s a slow, internal bleed. Every thinking person knows that Morris won’t succeed here and whether it’s this season or after another 2 win next season, he’ll be gone. We should have moved on already.

Best skill players in world can't offset inadequate o and d lines. It's going to take more time than any of us want it to.

Seriously is anyone shocked??? Winners want to play for winners!!

Sad day for the Razorbacks.......

We want the ones that want to be razorbacks.

What does that mean? Is it they are leaving the team?

OC and DC gotta go now!


I mean really, can you blame them for leaving a sunken ship?

Who can blame them?

Who could blame them?

Capers was way before season started.can't blame that one on season

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