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Another decommit. Ty'kieast Crawford announced it right after the game. Three of them so far...all were top 50 at their position. Two were top 25. ... See MoreSee Less

Another decommit. Tykieast Crawford announced it right after the game. Three of them so far...all were top 50 at their position. Two were top 25.


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It’s a slow, internal bleed. Every thinking person knows that Morris won’t succeed here and whether it’s this season or after another 2 win next season, he’ll be gone. We should have moved on already.

Sad day for the Razorbacks.......

Best skill players in world can't offset inadequate o and d lines. It's going to take more time than any of us want it to.

Seriously is anyone shocked??? Winners want to play for winners!!

We want the ones that want to be razorbacks.


OC and DC gotta go now!

What does that mean? Is it they are leaving the team?

Who can blame them?

I mean really, can you blame them for leaving a sunken ship?

Who could blame them?

Capers was way before season started.can't blame that one on season

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1 week ago


Awful. Just awful.

For reference, it's late in the third after two straight incompletions on slants, one almost intercepted. Then another incompletion to put Starkel at 7/19 for 41 yards.

Then back to back false starts and a punt.

Somehow we're still ahead.
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I haven't really seen a GOOD pass by Starkel this entire game. If we lose this it's all on the coach for leaving him in there.

Gut check for our coaches and players 4th. GO HOGS!

John Chavis needs to go

Not for long

We should be killing them! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Start teaching how to tackle...stop trying for turnovers!!

We lost to a wide receiver at QB...

Lead lost, and Hicks in

Don’t be a dbag


Bout to get asses beat

Casey dick chuckles

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4 weeks ago


www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vISrTeOsXgDave Van Horn on impact freshmen, Kjerstad at first and scrimmage against Oklahoma ... See MoreSee Less

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Lots of tidbits in there. Along with Kjerstad moving, Nesbitt is now at second and a newcomer at third. Apparently there's a true freshman that can really hit and they're working to get him into the DH spot. Goodheart is still hurt. Might not be ready for the start of the season.

Reloading for Omaha

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I hope I read later that John Stephen Jones led an amazing comeback. ... See MoreSee Less


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More likely to read that Ben Hicks came on and threw more interceptions than Starkel.

At least Starkel’s ints are as good as our punts

Defense still has to stop somebody.

I don’t understand why we get people that others schools don’t want I want them to try Steven jones

Can’t read that if they don’t put him in

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4 weeks ago


What a disaster. ... See MoreSee Less


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It was setup to be a fun Saturday night. Night game, taligating, all sorts of stuff going on up there. Cupcake opponent that everyone would have a good time watching us flex our muscles. Nope. It will be interesting to see how many people are in the stands coming out in the second half.

Chavis' defense is a pile of shit.

Absolutely!!! I drove over 5 hours to watch this 💩 show!!!!😡😂😂😡😡

OMG yes! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Just wait till next week and see what happens.....

Morris is a mid major coach! Why is everyone mad that he’s coaching like one?? Horrible hire from the beginning!

I’m down to fire Morris. Like right now

To coach morris "u just cant talk it , u got to make it happen"

Calm the fuck down...It’s all good...His son is coming in next year to save us.

What an embarrassment!!!

Fans are taking to the exit!!!😢😢😢😢

Who gets recruited to replace Morris?

Bobby Petrino available???

How many interceptions are we gonna give??!

Chad should get Citadeled if he loses this game.

Cmon guys you actually thought we was winning the sec west? Stop drinking the koolaid. Arkansas is not trying to win a national championship, Arkansas is just trying to bring in revenue and keep the seats filled.



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1 month ago


If we lose to Colorado State, he may lose the entire fan base. It's already ugly. ... See MoreSee Less

If we lose to Colorado State, he may lose the entire fan base. Its already ugly.


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I am a Hog Fan and will always be one! Chad did announce Nick as the starter next week and I still believe we have the right hire, but he need to be truthful with himself and do what’s right for the program!

I’ll always be a fan but I’ll continue to complain & yell the whole time!

I love my hogs! So left lane , hammer down , and quit worrying about the the cops!! GO!!

Lose the trick plays. I’ll always cheer for the Razorbacks but if he starts Hicks next week I will seriously question his decision making. My respect to Ben, but Nick did look like the better QB for the system and in my eyes it wasn’t close.

LET'S all show up Saturday and cheer for them and do our part to help.... and if we lose, let the chips fall where they may.

Starkle looked better in the fall camp and he had SEC experience, CM started Hicks to begin the season anyway. I say let's see JSJ and KJ. Quit playing favorites and start playing skill.

The offense can only get better if Starkel gets all the practice reps with the #1s. Then hopefully the hand off and misalignment problems will be fixed. The ball came out of his hand so much faster and crisper that will only help the offense to improve.

Depends. I saw some encouraging things yesterday from the defense and the offense looked much better with Starkel. Now if he starts Hicks next week, unless Starkel is out for some reason, I won’t even bother watching.

I’m already done. Next!

I'm not going anywhere! As bad as we had gotten, I'm not worried til end of next year... WPS!

Not me. Forever a hog fan!

I will always be a fan, no matter what

Not the entire fanbase. I will always be a Razorback fan, win or lose. WPS!!!

People just have to give him a chance to build something he helped get Clemson to where they are now

Not a chance they lose me! Not the players! I don’t like the Coach, haven’t since he got here!

If we gave Bert 5 years, we can give Chad at least 3.

If he loses to Colorado St he will get Jack Crowed

Playing 50 freshman, chill folks and give it time. Big B left a bare cupboard, let em learn.



It’s suck bad


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2 months ago


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Hit that line. Hit that line. Keep on going...

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