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His announcement video...


Hudson Henry on Twitter
“🌟🌟🌟100% COMMITTED🌟🌟🌟 t.co/qyxYRv4WyP
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Oh why not...

youtu.be/ibnfOFiYAEkHighlights of the Razorbacks 38-17 rout of the #24 Tigers in 2002. Fred Talley would run wild for a career-high 241 yards and the Hogs would pile up 426 yard...
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“Fred Talley just ran by my house!”

Jarred Neil Linam

I’m dreading this whooping!😣

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What's the story with Ty? Too many pics?

Doesn’t matter who the qb is when the oline won’t block

Another QB getting put on his ass because the O line can’t handle a 3 man front.

OH GOOD!!! Jerry Jones grandson in!! Here we go!! LOL!

I really don't know if there's anything to say the rest of the season.

It’s gonna be another looooong season!😖

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Great.... 😔

Put this in the trick play Hall of Fame 🔥
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Except it wasn't a trick. It was 100% dumassery.

I blame/credit good scouting and poor special teams discipline. I don’t absolve the players, but, NTX was prepared and we weren’t.

This is the product of horrible coaching and some dumbasses on the field.

If we would of plastered his Ass ...we would of got called for a penalty.....

keep old couch this wold have not happen

Now we can lose AND look like idiots. Nice job, coach.

Tiffany Williams

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Picture says it all.

Shocking there are still that many there.

Morgan Elizabeth Hignight

That's what you get with the product you're producing on the field

This is against North Texas. Let’s never forget

When does baseball start?

Rock Meet Bottom

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it might be time to consider letting Morris go. The rest of the schedule is going to be brutal, and 1-11 or 2-10 are real possibilities. Do we really sit still for that?

They won’t win another game!

Hogs looking good this year! 💩

I am here and it looks that bad or worse!

The Ha Ha Hogs...

Remember Morris is playing with other coach players who don't fit his system

As a coach you play to the strengths of your players. To hell with his system. Problem is we have zero talent on this team. They suck across the board. That's on Bert. And what recruit is going to want go to a team that went 1-11? His recruiting class is going to go to shit.

Boo pig

Jesus wept

Well. Looks like the fans were 'Left lane, hammer down' getting out of there at halftime.

Who wanted to stay and watch that beating?

We suck cant believe they didn't let Storey play couldn't have hurt anything lol

That many show up?

That probably won’t buff out.

It’s gonna be another very bad year!😖

I’ve been on a Facebook Sebatical for the past few months and I broke that to respond to this. It’s horrible! I could give the regular excuses: “Hey we have a new coach” or “It’s a new system, give it time” blah blah blah. The bottom line is simple, we forgot how to play football! We forgot what it is like to have a coach that would kick your butt and not be your friend. I don’t blame Chad Morris. I blame Bret Bielema and his ”staff” from the previous years. I blame Former AD Jeff Long, as good as a man as he is and as great an AD as he was for not getting rid of Bret a couple of years ago. I’m a fan through good times and bad. This is B-A-D Awful! I still love my Hogs, I do but I see this season as an 0-EVERYTHING season. (Thank You for the opportunity to get that out! It’s been built up for about a week now!) Forever a HOG fan!

At least they had the foresight to paint some of the seats red so it looks like there are butts in the seats.

My recommendation is, stop living vicariously through a college football team. These are just kids. And for all you professional armchair quarterbacks, the recruiting mantra will be - "we need help" you will get a shot to play big time competition. As opposed to Alabama, or Auburn, or Georgia where you will have to "wait your turn" - If you want to root for a team that wins all the time I suggest you go root for Alabama Football. They never lose and you will be happier. 😉

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Yep. Sick and tired of losing.

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