Petrino promises the running game still matters at UA

by ElvisHog on January 1, 2008

Here comes rhetoric more drastically flip-flopped than a politician leaving chambers of corporate contributors profiting from hiring illegal immigrants then addressing a rally of folks in a froth about illegal immigration. It’s from the University of Arkansas where we’ve had decades of run-oriented Razorback football coaches lamely insisting this truly will be the year of the pass.

Now it’s a new regime esteemed in the forward pass insisting it won’t back away from the run. New stuff, that. Wise stuff, too. Because it’s not the fans but the offensive line, especially Rimington Trophy winning center Jonathan Luigs, that new Razorback head coach Bobby Petrino and new Razorback offensive line coach Mike Summers reassure the running game won’t be forgotten for a passing fancy. [read more]


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