Razorbacks strong, fast and dangerous

by 7 on March 18, 2008

Looking ahead to top-seeded North Carolina?

Surely you jest.

“Arkansas is a team like Michigan State in the way they get the ball down the floor, the way their wings run, the way their bigs run, the way the point guard pushes it,” Dakich said of the Razorbacks.

How scary is that?

Michigan State stomped the Hoosiers, 103-74, two weeks ago at East Lansing.

“I don’t know that anybody in the Big Ten has the size across the board that Arkansas has,” Dakich noted. “You combine that with them being a veteran team, you’ve got a good team.”

“You have to slow them,” he insisted. “Michigan State showed us that. They talk about SEC athletes in football. You hear all the time about the speed of Florida, Alabama and Tennessee. Well, it’s the same thing in basketball.

“There is a speed factor we have to be ready for. It can’t knock you back and then you try to recover. You have to be ready for it and not let that be a determining factor in the outcome of the game.” [read more]


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