Woopig: What They are Saying

by DRod70 on June 24, 2008

You don’t hear much about the message boards outside of football season. Oh, sure, they’re still out there on the Interwebs, talking about Dave Van Horn, the latest recruit or fishin’ holes. But unless the football coach is getting pulled through a pallet of hot coals, no one seems to pay the message boards any mind on these muggy summer afternoons.

With that, here’s a look at what the predominant Razorback messageboards are saying today:

Woopig.net features a nice thread that begins with an alleged, supposed, apocryphal failed real estate transaction between Bobby Petrino and Tom Pagnozzi and ends with some of the most tasteless, tacky, made-up falsehoods and evil misdeeds perpetrated about Arkansas’ head football coach. In other words, it’s freaking hilarious reading if your sensibilities aren’t too sensitive. [read more]


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