The Media is Beginning to Wake Up

by DRod70 on July 22, 2008

Chances are, Petrino will take tons of heat. After all, he was ESPN’s whipping boy all last winter, to the point where one had to ask if Arthur Blank was the newest owner of the network. Meanwhile, Nutt, who has been given the red carpet treatment in Oxford, will receive a couple of hardballs, but nothing too serious.

Petrino hated Atlanta. His family hated Atlanta. Now he has a chance to coach at a BCS-level school, knowing that conference titles in the SEC will have a much better chance for a shot at the national crown than a title would in the Big East. Don’t believe me? Think about this: how many upsets in college football had to happen for West Virginia to get a shot at the title game (only to lose to Pittsburgh)?

Here’s a coach(Nutt)who was so intimidated by the intelligence of his new offensive coordinator, fresh from the high school ranks, that, instead of turning him loose and reaping the rewards, turns him away and chases him to Tulsa, who had one of the top-ranked offenses in the nation last year.

Here’s a coach(Nutt) that got the national media to attack Arkansas fans for filing requests to check his cell phone records, but never answered some of the questions that came out of those records. Most notably, why were top recruits in the state not being contacted? As for the alleged affair, give Nutt the benefit of the doubt, but ask instead why was he texting someone … anyone … minutes before kickoff of a bowl game? [read more]


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