Why You Can’t Blame Bobby

by DRod70 on July 23, 2008

Petrino has always looked to better himself. He basically traded for a slightly better job every other year since 1984, starting with a grad assistant at some school named Carroll. And yes, even when he stayed more than one year, he looked for other jobs.

Keep in mind he was looking to leave Louisville, a basketball school in the stepchild of BCS conferences. Any prestige Louisville might have today is primarily due to its success under him.

He interviewed for other jobs after each season with the Cardinals, but they were either for SEC teams or Notre Dame. Let’s admit it: Louisville would not be able to pay what these schools could over the long term.

All of his moves have been upward, with the exception of his most recent one that cost him about $2 million per year. Supposedly the tradeoff is happiness.

Besides, who doesn’t want a better job every year? [read more]


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