Compromise Works

by DRod70 on August 24, 2008

After eight years it was working and Director of Athletics Jeff Long decided it didn’t need fixing.

A little tweaking, yes, but fixing, no.

The Arkansas Razorbacks playing two games in War Memorial Stadium instead of three caused the Great Stadium Debate in 2000, but since then most have adjusted.

So Friday when Long and War Memorial Stadium Commission Chairman Gary Smith announced the contract had been extended two years, it was not a big surprise.

There will be only two games each season despite the fact that the 18-page contract, replaced Friday by a two-pager, called for three games in two of the final seven years.

That’s what you call a winwin-win for the Razorbacks, War Memorial and for some Razorbacks fans who are faced with high gas prices and twonight minimums at hotels in Razorbacks land during some belt-tightening economic times. [read more]


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