ESPN Most Prestigious College Football Rankings

by 7 on January 22, 2009

 19. Arkansas Razorbacks

Total points: 604

Positives: Arkansas would be college football’s 10th-best program if you combined just the ’50s and ’60s. The Razorbacks appeared in eight major bowl games in those two decades, one more than they have in the 53 other years in the AP poll era combined.

Negatives: Since joining the SEC in 1992, Arkansas has not won an outright conference title. In 2006, it shared an SEC-best mark of 7-1 with Florida but missed out on a lucrative BCS berth after a 38-28 loss to the Gators in the SEC title game.

Through the decades: Through 1958: 47th | 1968: 18th | 1978: 14th | 1988: 14th | 1998: 18th

Did you know? Between 1968 and 1989, Arkansas didn’t suffer a single losing season. That non-losing-season streak is longer than any in the history of SEC rival LSU. [read more]


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