LIKE IT IS : Fans demand improvement from Razorbacks

by cotte on April 27, 2009

Most Arkansas Razorbacks basketball fans are watching the late recruiting period with a healthy curiosity and some concern.

When the Hogs went 2-15 against SEC opponents last season, during one of the softest periods the conference has endured in years, the concern began.

Remember that Nolan Richardson was fond of saying all sickness is not death, and that applies to last season’s team, as does the saying all criticism doesn’t mean fire someone.

Fans want their basketball program fixed today. It is unrealistic to think it can happen that fast, but the fans will not settle for less than seeing improvement. And not marginal improvement.

It didn’t help that the announcement about Brandon Moore transferring was strangely timed. Final exams don’t begin until Saturday and they finish May 8, so Moore had plenty of time to make it public that he was leaving.

Another worry was Michael Washington’s decision to test the NBA waters. NBA experts say the Hogs’ best inside man isn’t on the radar.

A red flag that more changes are coming is that the Hogs, who are at the limit of 13 scholarships, had two more junior-college recruits on campus this weekend.

Obviously if the Razorbacks are going to lose more players, John Pelphrey must have bodies. [read more]


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