Williams’ star burns even brighter off the field

by verotik on April 22, 2009

Long after the cheers and applause had faded last Saturday night, with only a few fans remaining, D.J. Williams scored more points off the football field than anyone ever has on it.

Jeff Webb and his son Corey, 15, had driven up from Searcy to see the Razorbacks’ spring practice finale, and they wanted to get D.J.’s autograph.

After the scrimmage, Corey ran to the car to get a football while his dad talked to D.J. Before Corey made it back, D.J. was told by a couple of the managers that he had to get to the locker room and get out of his uniform.

As he was leaving, he turned to Jeff and pointed and shouted where he would meet them to sign the football. [read more]


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Vela May 22, 2012 at 10:00 pm

They didn’t get the jerseys right, all they did was put the nike syombl on the adidas jerseys. No hog call, no running through the A, they get the players facemasks wrong along with other apparels. Is this game worth getting?

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