Morning Practice Turns Heated; Afternoon Workout Cancelled

by muslimsdonteatme on August 22, 2009

Football is a physical game. It tends to reward aggression.

There are limits, though.

Arkansas Coach Bobby Petrino was not pleased with the fact two separate fights broke out during practice on Thursday. The first was relatively minor, but the second included a pile up of coaches, support staf members and players trying to separate offensive lineman DeMarcus Love and Tenarius Wright. Some of the players involved in the melee didn’t seem to be trying to help the situation.

So Petrino stopped practice. And the entire team ran as punishment.

“We’re not going to have fights around here,” Petrino told the team as they lined up to run. “That does nobody any good. Do you understand that? Do you understand that?”

Love and Wright didn’t practice the rest of the day. They were involved in punishment being doled out by strength and conditioning coach Jason Veltkamp. [read more]


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