The Ten Great Myths of Razorback Football

by verotik on August 26, 2009

Written by BiggHurtt

We’ve all heard them. They are the bread and butter of the poor little arkiesaw crowd. They are the reasons that the national media thought Arkansas fans were crazy to run off a 42-40 coach in conference, and why there was a national meltdown when those crazy Razorbacks went out and hired an NFL coach who still had three games to go in his season.

I personally guarantee that if you talk to the average Joe Six-Pack Razorback fan for more than a minute or two about expectations for the upcoming season, he will use one of these rationalizations. They are the Ten Great Myths of Razorback Football. They are pervasive and persistent, and they are easily defeated. Bookmark this page. If you are crazy enough to engage in debate with those who feel like the last 10 years is as good as a Hog fan can reasonably hope for, this will save you a ton of time. You don’t need to do the research. I’ll do it for you. I will present the numbers, and in any game of numbers vs. opinions, numbers win. In this case, they win big. Like Oprah’s arm fat big. Like McFadden vs. Irons or Talley vs. Auburn big.

In answering and rebutting these myths, and absolutely conquering them once and for all, I will rely on anecdotal evidence, the numbers, and good old common sense. I will examine Arkansas’ history as a football program, and it’s present as an up-and-comer in the nation’s premier league. I will lay bare the fallacies surrounding the final years of the Nutt Error, and the sense of perpetual and unavoidable mediocrity that a sycophant press created for a state of rabid fans.

These myths must be answered. The greatest limitation the University of Arkansas faces is the perception of unlimited limitations by its fanbase, local media and segments of the administration. By the time Missouri State rolls around (they’ll always be SMS to me), you should have this stuff memorized. Never debate ignorance without the power to educate. Face the ignorance and eradicate it, and in doing so, do your part in improving Razorback Nation.

The Ten Great Myths of Razorback Football are as follows… [read more]


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