We Can/WILL Build Nation Champion Here … yes at Arkansas

by DRod70 on August 31, 2009

Bobby Petrino, as most every football fan in Arkansas knows by now, doesn’t joke around much.

So when he told a record Little Rock Touchdown Club luncheon crowd of close to 1,000 Monday that he believed he had what it took at the University of Arkansas to build a national-championship team, there were no gasps. No awkward silence, certainly no guffaws.

Only spontanoeus applause.

“We have a fan base that is crazy about football,” Petrino said. “I see the passion and the pride as I travel around the state to these speaking engagements. We have the facilities we need to recruit and develop players.

“Our No. 1 job in recruiting….get ‘em on campus. If we can get a recruit on campus, we have as good a chance of getting them as anybody.” [read more]


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