2009 Arkansas Razorbacks: The Good, The Bad, And The Uga

by 7 on September 22, 2009

Arkansas talk radio stations and Internet message boards have been busy since the Hogs’ 52-41 loss to Georgia Saturday night. The most common comments are bemoaning the Hogs’ lack of defense, many calling for the ouster of defensive coordinator Willy Robinson.

Free Willy to Razorback fans is not another sequel to the whale films of the early 90′s, but a battle cry in the wake of the total meltdown in the secondary of the defense that Robinson oversees.

In the 60′s film, The Graduate, a chain-smoking woman named Robinson turned to a young man in search of companionship. Willy Robinson, in the opinion of many Hog fans, needs to turn to a young man named Winston after his secondary got smoked last Saturday. [read more]


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