Hogs offense derailed against powerful Bama D

by WooPigFlowerMound on September 27, 2009

Coming into the game I think hog fans were all well prepared for the beat-down that would befall our beloved hogs. It was as sure as the weather forecast before the game…rainy, gloomy, and without hope. Well kickoff came and sure enough the offense sputtered against a very talented defense.

Anthony Oden making his first start at offensive tackle over the struggling Ray Dominguez still hasn’t made contact with an Alabama defender as I write this some hours later since the game has ended. It was an awakening of epic proportions. The Razorback offensive line struggled at the point of contact (or lack thereof) against a far superior defensive line.

The Tide was ready and had their ears pinned back and were coming. Redshirt Sophomore Ryan Mallet under center in his first SEC road game looked rattled and for good reason. Our entire starting wide receiver group perhaps where the most talent on the team resides looked out of sorts after the first few jaw jarring hits by the Alabama defensive backs.

Defensively the Hogs held their own for much of the first half…but you just knew it wouldn’t last. The Tide finally broke through with talented true freshman Trent Richardson thrashing through 4 sure tacklers on his way to a 52-yard score which set the tone for the rest of the game. That was the story of the game for the Hogs…right their to make the play but didn’t make the play. It finally ended 35 to 7 but it wasn’t even that close really.


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