Welcome Back, BCS Penalties

by WooPigFlowerMound on October 18, 2009

It took until mid-October, but the BCS penalty has returned in full form. Fitting since the first BCS rankings will come out on Sunday that the BCS penalty shows its head on Saturday.

What is the BCS penalty you ask? It’s when a referee or official makes a sketchy call for the benefit of a top-level BCS team. Almost always, this takes place in a tight game where the highly ranked team is struggling and barely leading or even behind.

You know it when you see it, since the announcers question the legitimacy of the call, and you’re sitting at home wondering why that awful call was just made. The BCS penalty is the answer.

When a system is in place that basically benefits two conferences and about five other schools, those schools have to be protected from losses. For example today, a loss by Florida would have been devastating to their BCS title changes. Let me rephrase that, it would have made their path more difficult.

Florida lost at home last year to Mississippi and it didn’t make much of a difference. After all, Florida is in the SEC, one of the two conferences the BCS structure has to protect. [read more]


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