’3′ Things Hogs Must do to Win

by DRod70 on December 11, 2009

This year the Arkansas Razorbacks have shown something that they have lacked as a whole. In previous years the Hogs have had talented players such as Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, Peyton Hillis, Matt Jones, Clint Stoerner and Cedric Cobbs, who have individually shown tremendous amounts of heart. But this year that trait has flown from the entire team like King Fahd’s fountain. From the top of the roster to very bottom. And from my years of playing I can tell you something right now. Heart is something you can’t coach.

First and foremost, the Hogs will have to protect Ryan Mallet.

Plain and not so simple.

Over the course of the season the Arkansas Razorbacks have done a fair job of protecting Mallet, a redshirt sophomore gunslinger who has an obsessive urge to win. As the statistics will show, in games that the offensive line has no protected Mallet he has not had success distributing the ball, throwing off the timing of the on the brink power that is the Arkansas offense. [read more]


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