Veltkamp Has Plenty of Ideas for Improving Razorbacks in Off-Season

by verotik on January 27, 2010

Quiz Arkansas Razorback football players on what motivates them to win and you’ll likely get a number of answers. Whatever the reasoning, there’s another source of inspiration they probably haven’t thought about but ought to consider.

Apparently, strength and conditioning coach Jason Veltkamp does his best thinking on flights home when the team doesn’t win. Planes tend to be pretty quiet on the way home from a loss and there are all sorts of ideas that Veltkamp and assistant Antoine Sharp can develop as they scribble out notes to each other.

“Many, many good ideas have come from that setting,” Veltkamp said. “It’s a note-passing time, Antoine and I are writing down ideas for the off-season.”

Veltkamp declines to get specific on exactly what he and his staff have cooked up and what the team will encounter during this year’s off-season workouts. (“If I told you and they found out,it wouldn’t be adversity, would it?” he said.) Things figure to change significantly from the first two years that Bobby Petrino coached the Razorbacks. Read More


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