We Don’t Have a Dumbass of the Day…

by ElvisHog on May 7, 2010

But if we did, here’s today’s winner. Clay Travis from fanhouse.com.

11. Ryan Mallett, quarterback, Arkansas

Will Mallett be this year’s Jevan Snead, a Heisman front-runner from an SEC program that is typically outside the power six teams and collapses under the weight of preseason expectation, or will Mallett take the Razorbacks to new heights?

You know the numbers will be there in the Bobby Petrino offense.

Speaking of which, this year may be every bit as big for Petrino as it is for Mallett. Win big at Arkansas this season and he can jump ship to a bigger program. Hell, maybe even LSU after it fires Les Miles.

Fail to win and taking a gander at Arkansas’s recruiting classes, it’s hard to see how the Razorbacks are passing Alabama, Auburn, or LSU in the near future.

Here’s the link

To which I reply:

God…where to start?  Let’s start with the end…regarding LSU’s powerhouse.  Since 2000, we’re 4-6 against them. The average difference in points is 8.8 at the end of the game. Throw out 2003 (we lost 24-55) and 2004 (we lost 14-43) and the difference comes down to 2.8. In fact, throw out those two games and we’ve outscored them 227-225.  And this is with them winning two national championships during that time.  They’ve had monster recruiting classes during that time.

So…LSU can eat a dick.

As far as the Mallett/Snead comparison.  I probably don’t need to utter a word about what the difference is.  But I will.  Nutt can’t coach a quarterback…at all. He never developed a QB while here.  Petrino is a QB’s dream.  He got Casey Dick in the record books after sucking for three years under Nutt.  If Snead had been under Petrino, he also would have been a Heisman contender.  Instead, he got the quarterback killa.


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