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EA Sports NCAA Football 11 Out Today

by ElvisHog on July 13, 2010

The much anticipated console game comes out today for the PS3 and XBox360. There are no doubt several Woopig members that already have it in hand, maybe even taking off work today to play it. Our copy is being shipped to us so patience is in order.

The thread on the board has been semi-active, but is going to pick up with comments, online dynasty notifications, and whatever else people feel like talking about. Previous version threads often hit double digits in pages.

I’ve read several gaming sites call it the best NCAA Football title in years.

While college football struggles with a terrible BCS system, no playoffs, and crumbling conferences, its virtual gridiron counterpart is just starting to hit its stride. NCAA 11’s new locomotion engine puts the skill of Barry Sanders at your fingertips, making running backs feel like real threats every time they touch the ball. Revamped blocking mechanics help make formerly useless plays like draws and counters legit options for the first time.

The refined gameplay is impressive, with the only standout issues being ranging linebackers picking off too many mid-range passes over the middle and the AI ineffectively running the option. Off the field, EA wisely retooled the recruiting mechanic to give you more feedback as to how your pitches stand in comparison to other schools, and the new Facebook-meets-ESPN Dynasty Wire is a great tool that lets hardcore online dynasty players chronicle their seasons.

Razorback Stadium got a minor facelift in the game as the Broyles Center in the north end zone has been revamped. The picture at the top is from the new game and this one is from last year’s version.

And here are the Razorbacks coming onto the field. Just ignore that tunnel thing they’re in right before they come out.


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