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Houston Nutt’s a Liar, and an Idiot

by ElvisHog on July 23, 2010

Tweeted as a result of something Nutt said during Media Days.

ReverendSnoopHogg said:

I heard that f*ckster  in the q&a saying he talked Mallet into coming back to Arkansas, according to his own timeline, while he was the coach at Old Myth.  He said he had known RMFM since third grade and that Ryan had called him all that fall asking if he could come play for the qb killa.

Jesus jumped on a crotch rocket and wept. This man’s idiocy knows no bounds.

To which bigghurtt replied:

Just so I have this right,

a.) Nutt couldn’t get Mallett to play for him, but he got him to transfer to another school, and
b.) Houston Nutt, the head coach at the University of Mississississippi, facilitated the transfer of a 5-star QB to a rival school IN HIS OWN  DIVISION, and 2 years later that QB is a Heisman front-runner while Nutt’s own team is in desperate need of QB depth?

I don’t think he thought this lie through.

Just, wow.


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CreedJulio July 27, 2010 at 11:45 am

LMAO! Coach Butt hard at work…. And to think that Ole Miss fans wanted this idgit to coach for them. He stayed at Arkansas too damn long as it was. This is going to be a very exciting football season for all of us Razorback Fans! WPS!

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