Houston, You ARE the Problem

by cotte on July 28, 2010

The Ole Miss Rebels are finding out what Houston Nutt justice is all about. The Rebel general may be known as the “Right Reverend,” but a closer look at history presents a different persona. The fact is that he resembles more that of a smarmy TV evangelist than a real holy man. Houston Nutt has a long history of preaching right and wrong, but that history is also blemished with actions based on self-preservation rather than moral fortitude. Ole Miss fans are following their newfound leader of glory, but Houston Nutt is still in first-class Robert Tilton form.

The reports coming out of Oxford seem to indicate that Jeremiah Masoli, the former Oregon Duck quarterback, will be a member of the Rebels on the 2010 depth chart. Obviously, for a team with only two scholarship quarterbacks on roster, a legit dual threat quarterback that led his squad to a Rose Bowl is an intriguing prospect. He already has his undergraduate degree and would not have to sit out a year if he transfers to a school and is accepted by a graduate program that is not offered at the University of Oregon.  Masoli is a perfect fit for the Wild Rebel offense and could answer stinging questions that could keep Ole Miss from being a competitive team in the SEC this year. In fact, Masoli’s previous two seasons at Oregon were so strong, he was among the favorite preseason candidates for the Heisman trophy.

There is only one problem. Masoli is a repeat criminal and won’t be suiting up in the Oregon green and yellow for his last collegiate year because he was caught with pot after a traffic stop. Oh, and he was driving on a suspended license. Oh, and this comes after he was arrested and pleaded guilty to stealing computers from a frat house. Oh, and all of this is after serving some time in juvenile detention after a string of armed robberies when he was in high school. It would certainly appear that Jeremiah Masoli used up his three strikes and a few of his teammates’. Oregon Coach Chip Kelly made the only decision he could make and gave Masoli the boot.

Someone is going to take a chance on Jeremiah Masoli, and it is looking more and more like Houston Nutt. But if Houston Nutt and Ole Miss accept this habitual criminal, then the message he sends to further recruits is quite clear- “If you are a star player necessary for the success of our team, the rules do not apply.” A week ago, Houston Nutt announced they were not interested in Jeremiah Masoli. What changed?

Redshirt freshman quarterback Raymond Cotton is transferring out of Ole Miss this week. That’s what changed. And people shouldn’t find fault in Cotton wanting out. Houston Nutt develops quarterbacks like Fidel Castro develops civil liberties. But with Cotton no longer a part of the quarterback depth chart, all of a sudden, Masoli ’s checkered past isn’t quite as checkered for the Right Reverend, and Ole Miss is reportedly leaning toward bringing him aboard.

Right now, somewhere on a couch, Pat Patterson is thinking in text language (Houston Nutt’s favorite medium to communicate), “WTH?” Earlier this month, Pat Patterson was dismissed from the Rebel football team for violating team rules. The specific team rules that were broken has not been made public knowledge, but it can’t be as bad as theft or armed robbery. Dismissing a sophomore for violating team rules only to consider bringing in a player with Masoli’s past for one year in an effort to save a season is beyond hypocritical. Read more …


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Animal July 28, 2010 at 9:20 am

This guy deserves an internet medal of awesomness of one exists.

James Kay July 28, 2010 at 10:55 pm

Some people are eaten up by their dislike for Houston Nutt. They can’t let him go – like a dog with a bone. My response to your article pointing out the hypocrisy of Nutt? Who cares.

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