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Depth Chart Released – Ors Aplenty

by ElvisHog on August 27, 2010

The Razorbacks released the first fall depth chart today and there are a few interesting items (to me anyway) and a whole lot of Ors. One can take this a couple of ways:

  • The coaches are not committing yet and are using the depth chart as a motivator for next week’s game against powerhouse Tennessee Tech OR
  • There’s such quality depth at those positions that naming a starter isn’t really important.

I’m good with either. Or both. Or express your opinion in the thread.

Offensive Ors:

  • C – Seth Oxner (JR, 6-4,315) or Travis Swanson (FR, 6-5,305)
  • LG – Wade Grayson (SR, 6-4, 302) or Grant Cook (JR, 6-4,322)
  • LT (backup spot) – Grant Freeman (JR, 6-7,305) or Tyler Deacon (SO, 6-2,295)
  • RB – Knile Davis (SO, 6-0,220) or Broderick Green (JR, 6-2,248) or Dennis Johnson (JR, 5-9,213) or Ronnie Wingo (SO, 6-3,227)

Defensive Ors:

  • NG – Alfred Davis (SO, 6-1,326) or Byran Jones (FR, 6-2,310) or Zach Stadther (JR, 6-1,295)
  • OLB – Anthony Leon (SR, 6-4,227) or Jerry Franklin (JR, 6-1,241)
  • CB – Isaac Madison (JR, 5-11,185) or Darius Winston (SO, 6-0, 185)

Special Teams Ors:

  • K – Alex Tejada (SR, 6-0,205) or Zach Hocker (FR, 6-0,170) or Eduardo Camara (FR, 5-8,160)
  • P – Dylan Breeding (SO, 6-1,211) or Zach Hocker (FR, 6-0,170)

I don’t know what to make of the ORdering. The RBs look like they’re listed alphabetically. Same with the NGs. Not really anywhere else though. So it’s hard to say what’s what.


  • We’ve got a ton of depth at the WR spot, but not so much behind Joe Adams. Curtis is a first year WR after moving from RB to CB. A true freshman, Julian Horton is backing them up.
  • Chris Gragg at 3rd team. I haven’t seen Cleveland do much ever and the coaches have been talking Gragg up to the media.
  • Tyler Deacon, a former (or current) walkon from Little Rock Christian is battling Grant Freeman for the backup LT spot.
  • We have one guy listed at fullback. TE Austin Tate. At 6-6, 246 he has to be the tallest fullback in the country. Where in the hell has Van Stumon gone now?
  • Demario Ambrose is listed above Tenarius Wright. Guess because Wright has missed some practice due to injuries. FR Chris Smith is 3rd.
  • Jermaine Love is the #1 MLB.
  • True freshman Eric Bennett has passed former safety ,redshirt freshman Jerry Mitchell at the CB spot behind Ramon Broadway. Somehow that lack of depth has me very uneasy. But, there are two CBs playing safety now and they could move back if needed.
  • Joe Adams won the punt return job.

Download the depth chart PDF for your own dang self. Or don’t.


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