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Are You Ready?

by ElvisHog on September 25, 2010

Well, are you? It’s Alabama gameday. Days like this are why we are Hog fans. Days like this are why we all came unglued when Bobby MF Petrino came to Arkansas. Days when we would take the field as a top 10 team playing the #1 team in the country and not just hoping that some miracle would happen and we’d win. When national pundits would have a segment dedicated to how we’re going to be able to exploit weaknesses of that #1 team. When we would have 80 recruits coming to a game because it’s that big. And elite talent is mixed into that group.

So get your stuff done well in advance of 2:30 pm. You need to be able to crack that beer at noon (it’s noon somewhere) and try to keep it together until gametime. Get your smoker going. Get the grill ready.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky 80,000+ people that will have their butt in a seat. Or even luckier because you’re going to be tailgating on what appears to be a beautiful Saturday in Fayetteville. Soak up the atmosphere because games like this don’t come along often. The last time a game this big was on the hill…was 31 years ago. Take pictures so you can prove that “I was there when…..”.

If you haven’t checked out the traditional Woopig pre-game stuff, knock that out too.

Catch up on the news around the interwebs:

And while you’re at it, you might as well check out the Washington County Detention Center thread to see if any of your buds overdid their game prep.

Fair warning: When the board starts to slow down, we’re going to shut guest access off again to better serve our paying customers. How do you become one of those elite? Just register. It don’t cost nuthin’.

It’s gameday. Are you ready?


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