More Infographic Yumminess: Hogs vs Bama Statistically Speaking

by ElvisHog on September 23, 2010

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The first installment was all about Ryan Mallet and his performance in the SEC last year. Statistics translate into graphics very well and this baby is jam packed full of them. We kicked around a few ideas and Pat settled on looking at how the Razorbacks and Alabama stack up. You say “man, you can’t compare stats without common opponents”. I say “when the opponents are reasonably close to each other in talent and performance, yes you can”.

As Hog fans already know, we’ve beaten Tennessee Tech, ULM, and Georgia. Alabama has beaten San Jose St, Penn State, and Duke. Two creampuffs and a decent D1, er BCS, opponent. If you go to the NCAA’s website and look at stats, Penn State and Georgia are pretty close to each other in most of the major categories. So, that’s out of the way.

I won’t repeat everything that’s in the Infographic, that’s what it is for. But here are some summary points:

  • They are more successful at running the ball, gaining 134 more yards per game. They give up 9 more rushing yards per game. Bottom line: they get the edge by 125 YPG.
  • We throw the ball better than they do by a margin of 76 YPG. Throwing pass defense into the mix, we have the edge by 64 YPG.
  • Comparing both of those, they have the edge by 61 YPG.
  • They score more points than we do and give up fewer, taking that category by 14.4 PPG.
  • Our defense has gotten 3 more sacks and 5.67 more tackles for loss per game than Alabama.

Those are the big ones, but there’s plenty more to sink your teeth into. Print it out and take it to your throne and examine it more closely. Take note of the promising numbers related to penalties and red zone scoring.

What does it all mean? To me, it means that Alabama is slightly better than the Hogs, statistically speaking. That’s what I would expect out of the #1 team in the country. What remains to be seen are the intangibles:

  • Game Plan: BMFP and Nick Saban are both very good.
  • In-game Adjustments: Ditto
  • Game Atmosphere: With the buzz around the game and students camping as early as Monday, DWRRS should be rocking. The fans can make a difference in the game as long as they’re into it and not too busy watching the replays on the big screen.
  • Attitude:  Hog players went into last year’s game not really thinking they could win. That’s the big difference…they know they can win this time…and they’re at home.

If those last two go our way, we’ll walk off the field with a huge win.

Go Hogs!

View the Infographic in its high res glory.


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