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It’s LOL Miss Week

by ElvisHog on October 19, 2010

This week’s game couldn’t come at a better time. There’s no better way to get our minds off of the Auburn game and all of its unsavory aspects…than to make fun of Colonel Reb Nutt and the over-inflated egos of the Rebel, er…Black Bear fans.

There are threads that are new, discussing aspects of the game and just kicking LOL Miss in the huevos.

After ten years of the chinese fire drill/clown show that we had here, there are an almost unlimited amount of old threads which are gold mines. But, I’m just going to stick to a couple of photoshop threads here.

Shoot, even a Fayetteville TV station has a contest going on for you to choose your favorite quote by the Nutt. But of course we have a more comprehensive list in this thread.

And here’s a great audio compilation of Rick Schaeffer, Nutt, Barrett, and others.


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