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Woopig, Brandon Allen Needs Us

by ElvisHog on October 11, 2010

Brandon Allen

Brandon Allen of Fayetteville HS has a video contest going on, with standings and advancement based on user votes. The top 10 leaderboard has two Arkansas kids on it. Kiehl Frazier and Joseph Snapp of Van Buren. Brandon Allen isn’t even in the top 10. An Auburn board got wind of the competition and has done a good job of supporting Alabama kids and Frazier. We need to do our part as well.

The Play Next Level Best Player Highlight Video Contest has entered the Voting phase of the competition.

  • CHOOSE: Watch the player highlight videos and find your favorites.
  • VOTE: Players, fans, and coaches can vote for each of their favorite videos once per day.
  • PROMOTE: Share your favorite videos with your friends on your favorite social networking sites.
  • REPEAT: Only the videos with the most votes will make it to the next round.

The first round of voting for the Best Player Highlight Video Contest ends October 19th.

So do a few things:

  1. Go to the Video Contest page
  2. Register (FREE)
  3. Vote for Brandon Allen
  4. Share on Facebook, Twitter. Email it to your buds. Get the word out.

Get it done pretty quick. If Brandon doesn’t move up soon, he won’t advance to the next round. Don’t let a bunch of Auburn gumps outdo us. Seriously.


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