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Know anyone that is a hater?

by ElvisHog on November 22, 2010

I personally don’t, but I hear them all the time on the call-in shows, and read some of their drivel on message boards from time to time. Well, here you go, Hater. This one is for you:

Arkansas is 9-2. It has two road wins over ranked teams and those teams remained ranked after they lost. Even the one that got spanked hard. A win over LSU will give us four wins vs. ranked teams. That’s never been done before. We won 3 in 1999. After losing to a ranked Ole Miss team, we upset Tennessee at home, beat ranked Miss St in LR, then shit the bed at Baton Rouge before beating Texas in Dallas. A win against LSU and a bowl win could give us five wins over ranked opponents, with two on the road and two at neutral sites.

9-2 (with two to play)

From the dredges of nothing to potentially a top ten finish in 3 years. Awesome.

And we will have a chance to be better in year four. And we have depth that looks sustainable for the next three and we’re getting our best ever (on paper) recruiting class together this year.

We beat a pretty good Texas A&M team while playing like shit. We beat SEC-E champion South Carolina like Tina Turner on their on field. We beat a good, ranked bowl team in Mississippi State on their home field.

We have lit up the scoreboard since our relatively slow start on offense this year. We still have only give up more than 24 points twice now.

Plenty more in the thread on the message board.


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