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Arkansas and Recruiting Quarterbacks

by ElvisHog on April 23, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I went to the recruiting database to see what our quarterback recruiting looked like. I was wondering what level of players we were going after…whether it was still top notch level or simply for depth. For example in recruiting positions in my EA Sports NCAA Football 11 dynasty (in year 2020 riding a 140 game win streak), I have to choose how much effort I spread across all positions. I might have signed the #1 QB in the country the previous year, but I’ve got a senior about to graduate…so I need to get one for depth behind that #1 guy that’s going to take the reins when it’s his turn. But, I can’t allocate a lot of time to the position because I’m short at other spots, which means I won’t get a top 5 QB. Applying that to the real world, I wondered what Bobby (MF’ing) Petrino was planning. Currently we have never before seen depth and talent at the QB position. I know you all know this, but I like bullets. When the season opens in the fall:

  • Tyler Wilson will be a junior
  • Brandon Mitchell will be a sophomore
  • Jacoby Walker will be a redshirt freshman
  • Brandon Allen will be a true freshman
Obviously, we’re not dying for a quarterback in this class, but we’ll get one. So that goes back to my original question of “what level of quarterback are we pursuing?”
Jamil Golden

Jamil Golden

The database currently shows around 30 QB prospects with an interest in Arkansas. Of those, we have offered seven. Of those offered, only two remain uncommitted, Jamil Golden and Cyler Miles. The others have committed to the likes of Texas, Auburn, BYU, Texas A&M, and Alabama. Rivals hasn’t done any rankings of the 2012 class which means the only real gauge of talent is who has offered them and who they have committed to. All of those previously mentioned schools have merit…so clearly we aren’t going after depth only. Zeke Pike, who will surely be ranked one of the top QBs in the country is one we offered but committed to Auburn.

With all of that said and considered, I started a thread about it. The main point in my original post was if you’re a high school quarterback with an offer to Arkansas, why even consider anywhere else? In my unbiased opinion, there’s no better place for a high school QB with designs on playing in the NFL to go than Arkansas.


If you’re a QB, why would you want to go anywhere else other than Arkansas, unless you don’t want to go far from home? Especially the first kid up there, Jamil Golden. If your only other offer is to Vandy, why not go ahead and commit? They might be scared of the other kids that have offers committing, but even then, they could decommit. Or they might be scared of the talent that’s already up there…that must be what the deal is.
“Grit” Kirk did an article the other day about recruiting which says since Pike committed, we’ve shifted our attention to Golden. Everything Golden says in that article about Arkansas is very positive…and his stats as well as physical traits suggest he’s someone that would be good in a Hog uniform.
Hassan Henderson

Hassan Henderson

The article goes on to mention Hassan Henderson (6’4″, 200, 4.6) from Las Vegas who is apparently very interested in the Hogs. “Arkansas’ coaches are unbelievable,” Henderson said. “I love everything about Arkansas.” As a junior, Henderson completed 143-245 passes for 2,137 yards, 26 touchdowns and 5 interceptions while also rushing for 356 yards and 7 touchdowns. At this point, Henderson doesn’t have an offer from Arkansas.

BFMP obviously will never have to extend an offer late in the game to some second rate JUCO QB or trek out to the intramural fields to find QBs to fill the roster. Honestly that’s no surprise. His offense is a complex pro-style one that will prepare QBs for the NFL. Watch Jon Gruden’s eyes light up as Mallett breaks down a play. Plus every high school QB in the country is aware of the numbers he can potentially put up.


As Garrick McGee said in this blurb in Bahn’s post from April 6th


“They’re in a heated battle right now for the starting quarterback job at an SEC school that’s proven to put up huge numbers at the quarterback position. It’s important to them and they’re battling.” —Offensive coordinator Garrick McGee on the battle between quarterbacks Tyler Wilson and Brandon Mitchell.
That’s not just a statement about the current QB battle…it’s a reminder to every high school QB out there…that Arkansas is the place to be.

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