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Petrino’s Evaluation Skills

by ElvisHog on May 19, 2011

From Troyt37, the guy that does a ton of work in the Recruiting Forum.  This post was in the 2012 Recruiting Discussion thread.

Some info I found interesting updating the offer list. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Petrino should be blushing. I’ve only made it through the wide receivers updating offer lists, putting the date I made the addition, and the schools added. Here is a list of the SEC schools who have made an offer to a recruit AFTER Arkansas has offered. I know all of the SEC coaches don’t get their cues from Petrino then Rivals (Saban), but it looks like some of them may.

  • Auburn – 7 recruits offered after Petrino.
  • Vanderbilt – 6 recruits offered after Petrino.
  • LSU – 5 recruits offered after Petrino.
  • Tennessee – 4 recruits offered after Petrino.
  • South Carolina – 4 recruits offered after Petrino.
  • Georgia – 3 recruits offered after Petrino.
  • Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi State – 2 recruits offered after Petrino.
  • Alabama – 1 recruit offered after Petrino.

Remember, this is just QB’s, RB’s, and WR’s. You can see a trend developing. Add the fact that all but 4 of the Arkansas offers were made before the Rivals 250 came out, and you get an idea about the kind of talent evaluator we have. This list includes some other notables:

  • Michigan, Notre Dame – 6 offers after Petrino.
  • Clemson – 5
  • Pitt, Miami, Purdue – 4
  • Texas A&M, Washington, Nebraska, Oklahoma St., Colorado, Florida State, Penn State, Syracuse, Oregon, North Carolina, Illinois – 3

And 48 other schools with 1-3 offers that were sloppy seconds to our coach. We won’t get all of these kids for various reasons, but you can bet that we are among the first to offer kids that can play.


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