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What’s Up With Rotnei Clarke?

by ElvisHog on June 16, 2011

Rotnei Clarke Related TweetsIt’s not the first time that a “Rotnei Clarke is transferring” rumor popped up. It reared its ugly head again a few days ago on Twitter and all of the message boards. Most dismissed it for the same reasons it was dismissed before. Things like “he’ll fit Anderson’s style” and “it would be stupid to transfer with only his senior season left”, etc.

But earlier today, Scott Faldon tweeted that Shawn Arnell had confirmed that Clarke had asked for a release…and lots of tweets ensued. Click the image over on the right to see some.

Now the discussion here has turned from whether he is or not, to what happens next.

  • Will Anderson grant his release?
  • Where is he going to go? DI and sit out or DII and play immediately.
  • How many scholarship players are we going to have in the fall? With Aaron Ross’ eligibility in question, we might be pretty short.
  • Is Anderson’s practice routine too tough for the current players?

If Anderson doesn’t grant his release…what message does that send? Or what message is he trying to send? I can see him playing hardball with Clarke to keep him from doing something that is¬†unnecessary, looking out for the kid. But if Rotnei really wants to go, will he grant it?

The story is still pretty new and plenty will come out, but that doesn’t mean we can’t figure out every angle beforehand. Come join the discussion and give your two cents worth.


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