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[VIDEO] Petrino on ESPN

by ElvisHog on July 26, 2011

Bobby Petrino was on Sportscenter today talking with Chris Fowler on set at ESPN. He talks a bunch about embracing expectations, even in the toughest conference division in the country. Fowler even goes as far as the best in the history of the sport. I borrowed the following snippet of the transcript from the AS360 article posted a little earlier.

Click here to watch the video (not embeddable at this point).

FOWLER: You’ve committed the cardinal sin. You won 10 games, you go to the Sugar Bowl and you’ve raised expectations. You know what Razorback fans are saying, you’ve got to win at least 11, you’ve got to win the division or it’s a failure.

PETRINO: Yeah, the way you do that is to not worry about it. You concentrate on practice and make sure we have a great August and practice real well, get ready for the first game. I embrace the high expectations. The best part about it, our players have high expectations.

FOWLER: You seem less afraid than some coaches are to talk about that, to dare to dream of winning a division as tough as the SEC West, which might be as tough as we’ve ever seen in the history of the sport, the six teams in there.

PETRINO: Yeah, it’s really tough. There’s no question about that. I was raised to reach for the top of the rainbow, to have high expectations. I think that’s what drives our players in the offseason, in spring football, all summer long, everything they do in their workouts. Then there’s a time to put that aside and focus at the task at hand.

Good grief….football’s almost here.


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