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Aggies and SEC Both In For A Shock

by LashHog on August 30, 2011

Unless you live under a rock, you know that in recent months there have been meetings and discussions going on “off the record” in regards to Texas A&M joining the SEC. Once you discovered Geico could save you 15% or more on your car insurance you likely also discovered that, in the last few weeks, the details of these meetings and discussions have began to be public. At this point it seems just a matter of technicalities and following procedure to avoid lawsuits, and aTm will soon be a part of the SEC.

This has Aggie fans ecstatic. They see it as their chance to break free from the “tea-sips” and venture out on their own. They expect to take the SEC by storm and immediately take their place as an elite program. They expect to jump right into the SEC and fit in.

SEC fans may not be unanimous in their opinion of the Aggies, but I think most agree that adding the Houston TV market, and thereby increasing each school’s TV-deal payout, is a good thing. Most SEC fans also see it as a chance to make the best football conference in America even stronger while enjoying the demise of the Big XII. Texas A&M has a decent history and is a decently big name, so I’m sure most SEC fans are looking foward to another road trip and a new fanbase to tailgate with.

I think the Aggies and the SEC are in for a shock. I think most SEC fans have no idea what they are getting from the aggies. Those people are truly not like us. Between attending both of the recent Southwest Classic games in Dallas, and visiting some friends from Houston that are all Aggie…I’ve gotten to know that fan base much better the last couple of years.

Do these look like SEC cheerleaders to you?

Aggies think they are unique but really they are just behind. They are like the 30 year old guy that spends his time listening to Styx and Queen and laughs at any ignorant person who dares compare current day Queen to the band fronted by Freddie Mercury. He is convinced that he is right and is oblivious to the fact that nobody disagrees with him, they are just laughing that he still cares. Aggies are doing the same cheesy cheers that everyone else did 50 years ago, except everyone else grew up. They are the epitome of Texas arrogance in that they have less reason to be proud than UT but have just as much pride, if not more. They think it actually means something that most of them attended school there and scorn the “t-shirt” fans. They think that having only guy cheerleaders and all of their fans repeating the same old chants together is a source of pride. Give me a raucous Death Valley, Swamp or Bryant-Denny over a bunch of Texans rhyming in unison any day.

The Aggies are going to come in feeling special and I hope they lose every SEC game their first year just to put them in their place. I hope they get the short end of the straw on every close call from refs, just to remind them of who they are. I hope they get the worst bowl bids and worst schedule setups every year, just to remind them we didn’t need them and they should be happy to take what they can get.

I think a lot of SEC fans are going to be shocked too, because most people don’t realize just how strange the Aggies are. Until recently, I had no idea how much their fandom has much more to do with enjoying a band, saying a chant, and still wearing your college ring; than it does actually enjoying football.

I think the Aggies and the SEC are in for a shock, and I’m glad our fan base has a head start from the SWC and now the southwest classic.

If you haven’t heard it, SEC guy (Click Here To Listen) really said it best, when discussing why the Aggies don’t fit in the SEC.

To follow the whole saga from the beginning and follow any new updates, check out this thread and feel free to share any growing pains you see the Aggies and other SEC fans having.


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EArHog August 30, 2011 at 11:25 pm

Razorbacks benefit when they go into Texas to entice recruits with the opportunity to play in the SEC. That’s an appealing offer to many of those high school kids who don’t get an offer from Texas. If A&M joins the SEC, those high school players can stay home in Texas and still play in the SEC. Arkansas’s recruiting will suffer. I think it’s a bad deal for the Hogs, even if there’s reasons for the other SEC schools to be for it.

HONDO November 15, 2012 at 7:51 am


How do you like us now? We’re 8-2, have just beat ‘BAMA and have a wonderul season. You’re mired in the muck of a miserable season, with a miserable coach and probably right now couldn’t beat a couple of FCS Schools.


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