Bobby Petrino Media Day Press Conference

by ElvisHog on August 7, 2011

Sloppily taken notes from the video.

  • Really likes the recruiting class. Exciting to see what they can do.
  • Kody Walker has size and strength that’s hard to find in a running back, much less a freshman running back.
  • The defense is going to be very good.Glad to have Byran Jones back. He has the size and strength you look for. Played well as a true freshman and has taken steps forward.
  • Colton Miles-Nash is a lot faster than he was as a freshman TE.
  • Elton Ford is playing better than he ever has. He and Tramain Thomas graded the highest at the safety position. He ran with the 2s the other day mainly to make it harder on the #2 QB.
  • Excited about Keiro Small. Impressed with how quick he’s learning things. Even smiled when the reporter brought up his name. Going to add a lot of toughness to the offense. Can catch the ball really well. Impressed with his running ability.
  • Petrino really likes a lead blocker. Big benefit having one with zone blitzing defense. Also good to have in pass protection.
  • You watch Knile practice and its exciting. Getting to his speed faster. Put in a lot of work in the summer and thinks it’s going to pay off.
  • Good group of receivers…have been for three years. Adams is hard to get in the open field. J Wright is the fastest. Childs is hard to tackle, very physical. Hamilton is a combination of the other three. They all realize they need to keep improving.”I’ve never met a receiver yet that’s unselfish.” You have to work hard when you’re not the #1 receiver in the progression and do your job…expect that something is going to come your way. Wright has more touchdown blocks than any receiver he’s ever had.”
  • We expect Brey to be a very good football player. Only going to get better. He has a lot to learn about technique and what the other side of the ball is doing.” Going to work through his position assignment. Have to wait and see where he will help the team win the quickest.
  • Differences in QB. Tyler can throw the ball with anybody. Accurate…quick release. Can move around and make plays. Can throw the ball from different release points and be accurate. Mitchell has worked hard with his mechanics and has gotten better with his accuracy. When it’s 3rd and 6 and the TE is barely open or covered, can he throw it to his right ear and get the first down.
  • “When will you name the starters?” “Sometime before the first game.” (sheesh) “The Monday before the first game you usually send a depth chart to the other team. Most of the time it’s 100% accurate…sometimes it’s not (with a grin).”
  • Tight end has a chance to be a great combination position. Miles-Nash is going to create matchup problems…so is Gragg. Gragg is getting better at blocking. Austin Tate is running at both FB and TE. Has to work on quickness. Garrett Uekman has everything needed in a tight end. Has to adjust to the game and speed up to it.
  • Great to have DJ back. He’s as great a kick returner out there. “He’s back…that’s the great thing.” Had a great summer and is back 100%. The harder he works, the harder Knile and Ronnie work.
  • Offensive line benefits from putting the pads on. Sometimes in just helmets, it’s hard for a lineman to get where he needs to be on pad level. Has no idea why they came up with a rule of two practices in helmets. We’re lucky we got through it without any injuries. Usually you get a shoulder injury to someone…especially receivers. Everybody was smart…no one dove for any balls.
  • Childs is getting better every day. It’s more of getting used to everything again. Fatigue may have played a part in how he performed in the first two practices. Has looked better on cuts and stops/starts.
  • When you look at the defense…the guys playing. Lots of experience and young talent at all positions. Jerry and Jerico know the scheme…but really know what offenses do, which allows them to react quicker. That’s experience. We have to go prove it, but very impressed with the defense.
  • We still have a long way to go to determine our identity. What part of the big playbook do we execute. Some years you’re really good at the dropback game…some years good at running the ball and play action. The coaches job is to identify what the offense does well. Even during the season last year, the identity changed with the progression of Davis.
  • DJ Williams is hard to replace in a number of ways. Very impressive young man that you can’t say enough about. Energy, leadership…even just in stretch we miss him. His catches are going to have to be spread around a lot of players. Relied on him so much on 3rd downs…they have to figure out what they’re going to do to fill the void.
  • Asked how to use problems that other teams have had to teach this team. Petrino says he hasn’t even talked about it. What they do is set short term goals and that helps them get better…not worried about anything but meeting those goals. Now is the time to focus on practice…take care of our own business and win games. Everything else will take care of itself.
  • Have a number of things we use for motivation and we don’t share those with other people.
  • How do you keep players from generating bulletin board material? We bring people in to teach the players to be honest but guarded. I think they’ll do really well. One of the recruits in the spring said “all of the guys really believe they can win” and that impressed Petrino.

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