Garrick McGee Post Practice Video: Thursday

by ElvisHog on August 12, 2011

Garrick McGee starts everything off with their policy that only the head coach talks about injuries. So no questions of him or the players about them. Obviously talking about Knile Davis. “So…whatta ya got?” (Silence) Laughing, “nothing else? Nobody’s got any other questions?” Pretty decent way to start the interview light heartedly.

Reporter 1: “So, where do you go from here, if he’s out?” “Next question”Reporter 2: “Do you think practice was affected at all?” “Next question”

  • Question about the other running backs getting work: He’s excited about Kody. It’s hard to tell how hard people run until you scrimmage. Really impressed with the way he’s big, nimble, big hips which makes him hard to bring down. Also made no mental mistakes.
  • Tyler Wilson’s performance: only had four incompletions and four touchdowns. Wilson learned a lot from the previous two day’s meetings. Really took big steps the last couple of days.
  • Offensive Line: Hard to tell. Need to watch film. There’s a lot of stuff going on in there. Was really happy with the receivers.
  • DJ and Wingo: Both are continuing to develop. Ronnie’s an upperclassman now and it’s time for him to step up.
  • On stopping scrimmage: Players responded well after the stoppage.
  • 2nd offense: Think the 2nd offense is a lot of true freshman linemen. Tough on them. Need to evaluate film. Do like them, really athletic, but five true freshmen. The future’s bright.

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