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by ElvisHog on August 23, 2011

A few weeks ago, one of the admins asked if there was a way that current Razorback tweets could be aggregated on one page. I figured out a way to do it and the result is here. Our comment thread on the board is here. It pulls all the tweets from 47 Razorback players that I’ve identified, like:

  • Cobi Hamilton
  • Greg Childs
  • Brey Cook
  • Chris Gragg
  • Brandon Allen

I’m adding more as I find them. I had to remove Hog pitcher Brandon Moore because he was filling up the page. He’s a very prolific “tweeter”.

It has actually changed how I feel about the players. Not in a drastic or negative way. It has really made the point that in a lot of ways they are just like other kids their age or other students enrolled at the University of Arkansas.  In the last hour Chris Gragg has complained that there’s nowhere to park now that everyone is up there. Brandon Moore (I know, he’s not in the list…but I still follow him) complained that there’s a teacher parked in student parking. “Teacher in student parking? YOU’RE THR REASON I HAVE NO WHERE TO PARK”.

Jerico Nelson groaned that a teacher put him on the spot in class. Cobi Hamilton admitted he has had to ask people where classes where, even after being there for three years. Brey Cook complained “Kimpel’s desks are pathetically small. I refuse to sit like this for a whole semester”. Ok…that’s probably not a typical complaint of other students, since Brey is 6’7″ and over 300 pounds.

Last night, someone broke into Tim Carver’s truck and stole his stereo. Bummer.

The point is that it makes them “human”. I had a hard time figuring out what to say there, because for the most part, people don’t think they’re superhuman. But rarely, in my opinion, do many people spend much time thinking about their lives other than what they’re doing as Razorback football players.

I think back to the Hog stars from my youth and realize that they probably also had a lot of the same thoughts as the current guys, but there was no Twitter then. Hell, there was no internet.

Billy Ray Smith probably griped about classes and teachers to his friends and that’s as far as it ever went. James Rouse was at some point “Chillin in the backyard on the porch with my childhood partna” like Cobi Hamilton was recently. Dan Hampton surely complained about the grind of practice and being sore. Corliss Williamson was probably a joy to be around, like DJ Williams (who isn’t in the list but needs to be followed if you’re on Twitter).

Not all tweets are funny or inspiring or whatever. Some are about girl problems, missing home, or just really angry about something. That also makes them more like everyone else…being a Razorback doesn’t exempt you from life’s unpleasantness at times.

Of course there are problems that are on the rise with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets with regards to the NCAA, recruiting, players saying things that embarrass themselves or the school…but that’s been covered by real journalists and throws a wet blanket on what I’m writing. So if you want to learn more about that, hit Google.

When I put the page together, I was just trying to figure out something technical that I thought would be cool. It turned out to have a much greater impact on me. Thanks for the idea Marc…

Go read for yourself…and check back every now and then. The Twitter feed is updated every time you open the page.


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