Thursday Post Practice Video

by ElvisHog on August 11, 2011

John L. Smith talks about:

  • On stopping and starting practice: It’s good at times because it’s a break in momentum. Good for the kids to have to stop, refocus, and deal with the interruption as a distraction. Not a bad thing for them to learn. Might have delays in games like that like against Ole Miss last year.
  • Zach Hocker: Doing really well. Had a great summer. Came out today and did a great job. A matter of him getting used to a new holder. Will Coleman and Alan D’Appollonio are doing great.
  • First Week Impressions: good first week. Lots of improvements and ups and downs. Coaches job is to teach consistency. Can’t rest the day after a good day. Coaches are never quite satisfied.
  • Brandon working at punter: Not sure who he’s talking about. Probably Brandon Allen because Mitchell has been there and we’ve never heard anything about him punting. Reporter says “he looks like he could help out there if needed”. Coaches are going to work him in there and work on his form. One thing he could provide is the ability to fake it. He’s a good enough athlete and he’s got a good leg, he’s just never done it.
  • Seth Armbrust: Hopefully he’ll be able to contribute on all special teams. He’s a guy that takes it seriously and should be a leader on those units.
  • Depth: Any time you lose any starter, there’s a dropoff in talent. What coaches want to do is minimize the dropoff and that’s where were heading.

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