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Bobby Petrino Doesn’t Give a Frick What You Think: Mississippi State ’11

by bakervscarrr on November 20, 2011

As always, brought to you with minimal statistical or video analy– ah, screwit. Still haven’t seen many highlights, but you can bet your keister that I consumed anything and everything college football last night, as I do every Saturday. The difference is that when you are about to become the NUMBER THREE TEAM IN THE COUNTRY, they tend to talk about you a little more. Still, these are original thoughts, no matter how unoriginal. No parsing here. Beverage of choice was Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey and Sprite. I’ve had a good run on corn whiskey and Sprite this year, and I’m not one to break a trend.

Does anyone even really remember the game? I’ll admit, I’m a little spotty. Maybe it was the fact that so much of my attention was required after the conclusion of our game. Maybe the Makers and water at dinner after so much Jack finally put me over the top. Maybe cold, calculating, stone-cold assassin-precise lethality on offense and complete and utter schematic and physical domination on defense isn’t as memorable as it sounds on its face. Whatever it is, no sense in not giving it a go, as yesterday was one of the best football days of my life.

So let’s get to it.

Let me begin with the ending. As I left War Memorial Stadium yesterday, I passed a man sitting on the curb just outside Gate 11. He was older, may or may not have been a bum. Drunk, smoking a heater, and just chilling in the dark by himself. About every five seconds he would say “If you don’t bleed Razorback Red, just take your bitch ass on home.” God, I love Little Rock.

J. Herndon had a very nice day playing the role of J. Wright. The stick route was there all. day. long. regardless of who was running it. Believe he caught one over the middle as well… Horton got himself open a few times as well. Dropped the one big one. Gragg with a career day. He is a brutal matchup for a linebacker or a defensive back. And, ahem, he’s getting stronger and faster. Wade back in the act with a nice return. The pundits next year are going to point to us losing the Big 3 and say that Cobi is all we have coming back. Whatever.

Kiero Small finally got him a touchdown. More impressively, he had another highlight reel block. He didn’t blow somebody up like he has in the past, but the play before Green scored in the second half, he got on his man at about the four and drove him like a blocking sled all the way into the goal line before disengaging. The man crush continues.

Instead of Small, it was DJ laying the hammer yesterday. When he trucked the poor bastard on that long run, it very much reminded me of the hit that he laid on a defensive back from Troy a few years back. Poor kid was completely incapacitated by the hit. It wasn’t like he got knocked back. He got hit and fell back like a statue on his own. He was definitely seeing stars when he got up.

With the way our receivers block downfield, I fully expect us to run on LSU better than any team this year. Everyone knows that they can shut down a power running team, but we are not a power running team. We are getting the vast majority of our rushing yardage off of draws, and if we can come out and throw the ball on them, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to run. And then when we run, we are somehow able to play-action off of a draw. Not sure how it works, but it does. The pass sets up the draw, and the draw sets up the play-action pass. I think. Or something.

We need to do something about figuring out who fields the ball on those sky kicks. If I were coaching, I’d be tempted to call one every single time against every single team. The field position you lose seems almost negligible when you consider how frequently those things end up in disaster.

It was almost an afterthought, but Joe catching that muffed punt off the bounce and then stepping out of bounds might have been huge. He was so casual about it.

I told someone a few weeks ago while drunk that Jake Bequette was worth at least one sack-fumble per game. Even as I said it, I knew that was an exaggeration, but now I’m starting to second-guess myself. He really might BE worth one every game. When is the last game he did not have one?

Their punter was really good. But with a name like Swedenburg, he has to be good.

Nothing bad to say about Wilson after yesterday. Just a couple of misses, but quarterbacks miss throws. They gave us the short stick and we took it. Give Cobi Hamilton and Jarius Wright enough reps with that stick-and-spin, and they are going to turn it into something eventually. And even if they don’t bust one, you’re moving the ball down the field in 10 yard chunks. That’s what we did yesterday, and it had to be completely demoralizing to the Dogs. Yesterday after we threw it about the 12th time, the cornerback turned to the safety and begged for help. Safety waved his arms to the middle of the field and pointed to Joe. Heh. Heh. Heh.

Will this make the fourth consecutive week that we have the SEC Special Teams POW? Fire John L, right?

I sat in War Memorial Stadium on a hot, humid September night a little over three years ago, and watched my team losing by double digits to Louisiana-Monroe. In the same seats as yesterday, I cheered the Hogs on the few occasions I was afforded, and encouraged them continuously. We were so, so bad in all phases of the game. They stuck it out, though, and clawed back, and then, on 4th down in the 4th Quarter, Bobby Petrino made a huge call and Chris Gragg made an unbelievable catch. Cowboy Go Get It. I’ll never forget. Shay Haddock made a kick and we beat a Sun Belt team for Bobby Petrino’s first win in Little Rock. He has yet to lose there.

Next week will mark the close of Bobby Petrino’s fourth regular season at Arkansas. What odds could you have gotten after that game against ULM that Petrino would be undefeated in Little Rock three years later? What odds would you have gotten that Petrino would even be the coach three years later? And what odds would you have gotten after that ULM Game, where students flapped their arms a la Angels in the Outfield for a comeback against LOUISIANA FREAKING MONROE, that we would play the last game of our regular season three years later for the right to play for the national championship?

If you don’t bleed Razorback Red, just take your bitch ass on home. Bring on the carnies.


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hogster46 November 20, 2011 at 5:38 pm

I’ll tell you one thing…my friend Willie can game plan with the best of them! What a fantastic display of defense to augment our fantastic offense! Finally, and yet the pundits still dismiss us away at LSU!

NashvilleHog November 20, 2011 at 6:55 pm

Please, please, please, national media underrate us. Please talk all week about how we have no chance against the likes of the awesome LSU Tigers.

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