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Stating the Obvious

by ElvisHog on November 20, 2011

Master of the Obvious

Master of the Obvious

But I’m going to say it anyway. The upcoming Arkansas/LSU game is this generation’s “Big Shootout”. We’ve had some big games…we’ve even had some recently. The Alabama game this year. The Alabama game last year. The LSU game last year. But this week we’re playing for the chance to play in the national championship.

The national championship.

A few weeks ago, people were talking about the possibility of an all SEC West championship game, but they were talking about an Alabama/LSU rematch. But now we’re in the discussion. It was an unlikely scenario up until this weekend, but everything fell into place the last few days.

It started Friday night with Oklahoma State losing. Shoot, that was exciting enough for us because that meant we’d move up to #5 in the BCS standings. Then USC took down Oregon. SWEET…we’re up to #4. Switch over to watch the end of Oklahoma and Baylor, which was looking good. Then OU came back to pull within one with little time left and decide to go for two and the win. OU’s left guard started early, moving them back five yards and forcing them to kick for the tie. I wasn’t looking forward to watching overtime…especially when our fate was hanging in the balance.

Baylor is stymied on first down so OU calls a timeout hoping their defense would stop them and give the Sooners a chance to score again. They should have let the clock run.

So now we’re expecting to be #3 in the BCS standings later today. That unlikely scenario is now very close to reality…and our position didn’t really hit me until this morning. Last night I was thinking we needed to beat LSU and Auburn needed to beat Alabama, but that’s wrong.

If we beat LSU, that should mean that Alabama moves up to #1 and we move up to #2. Because of the tiebreakers, Alabama would play in the SEC Championship game against Georgia. If Alabama wins, it’s us vs them. If Alabama loses, it’s us against LSU or whoever else might be #2. We would get to the NC without even playing the SECCG.

The BCS national championship is #1 vs #2. That’s it. No #1 vs #3 or anything else. 1 vs 2.

Barring any lunacy, we beat LSU and we’re in the National Championship. Sit there and read it a few more times.

Thank you Bobby Petrino. Or BMFP.


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