Put a Jersey on a Player’s Back

by LRhogfan on December 8, 2011

UPDATE: Thanks to the generous members of woopig.net, there are no jerseys left to be purchased for players.  The team is 100% outfitted with brand new home and road jerseys.  Our thanks to everyone who pitched in to help.

It’s taken two years, but woopig NEVER quits.  We have kicked off “PUT A JERSEY ON A PLAYER’S BACK!”  to outfit the Arkansas Ice Hockey team in REAL jerseys.

This is a woopig exclusive, one-time deal.

Purchase two jerseys for $150.  One goes on your back (or would make a great Christmas gift), and the other goes on a player’s back.  These are game weight sweaters–the real deal.  Jerseys half the weight of these sell for $300 in every NHL arena in the country, and NONE of those are Razorback game jerseys.

If you don’t want a jersey for yourself, or can’t swing the $150 right now, you can purchase a single jersey for a player for $75.

This team DOES NOT CURRENTLY HAVE game weight jerseys.  They have thin jerseys that won’t last the rest of the season.  We can fix that, and get ourselves into swank jerseys in the process.

The player roster and more details, including regular updates, are in this thread.



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