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Author Topic: Need a Woopig Attorney or recommendation to fight Workers Comp Commision in LR  (Read 457 times)

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The AWCC is coming after me for operating a business that was a non-profit corporation 501(c)(3), and not carrying workers comp insurance.  The business was dissolved in 2014 and had no assets.  They must have found my name in some government documents filed in LR.  I was an officer as was my now ex-wife.  So, they put together a judgment for $10,000 fine and sent it Certified to her and I personally.  My main point of contention is, how can they come after us personally?  That's the whole reason we incorporated was to protect personal assets like this.  Anyway, I have to attend a hearing in July at the AWCC building and don't even know what to tell them.  I THOUGHT we had coverage but the lady who ran the business dropped the ball.  Drop me a PM if you're willing to take this on or direct me to a good Attorney around LR.  Gracias.

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