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But once we get our people in place in a few years things are going to be different  :maundoed:

Yup, redshirt program paying off big time right now. That way we don't have to shuffle a walk on freshman to start on the oline. If Nutt had shuffled his oline multiple times in the 3rd game of his 5th year, Frank would have seen enough already to pull the trigger.
Razorback Discussion / Re: Official Hogs vs A&M game thread. WAKE UP!!!
« Last post by FNG on Today at 05:44:19 PM »
The utility of the 3-4 is the unpredictability of the blitzes and not knowing where pressure will be coming from, and the ease of disguising this and changing defenses with audibles.

We do none of this, we just line up and run a base 3-4 and read and react.  By the time we attempt to tackle a ball carrier or receiver on a short pass they are 5 yards downfield.  We are actually generating less pressure and attacking the LOS LESS somehow this year.
This is in no way meant to be disparaging toward you, Apork; but, if you know this, don't you think Rhoads--who by all accounts has a pretty good defensive mind--knows this? And, if so, wouldn't it stand to reason that his failure to employ the 3-4 to its full potential might be based upon factors to which we the fans aren't privy?

I suspect you can recall times when patients have questioned your treatment plans because they have gained just enough knowledge through the internet to determine that you aren't adhering to WebMD's advice. It can be difficult to explain to a layperson why years of training and experience have enabled you to weigh risks, benefits and extenuating circumstances and arrive at a different conclusion.

That being said, it is very frustrating to watch the 3-4 continue to generate the same lack of QB pressure as last year's scheme. And--continuing the medical analogy--sometimes not following accepted standards of care just means you are a shitty doctor.
Razorback Discussion / Re: New Hotness - Coaching Search
« Last post by TexZilla on Today at 05:35:25 PM »
Is there a team called the Manatees?

I was thinking there might be a school in Jersey with the Pork Rolls.
Razorback Discussion / Re: Feel The Rhythm: Texas A&M '17
« Last post by BASS on Today at 05:22:00 PM »
Yep, that's a school with 7 empty dorms. For $120 you can rent a room for 2 nights during game weekend up there. Enrollment is way down and I know people that won't send kids there due to safety.  Those same people are Mizzou fans.

I nearly went there for grad school at their Journalism school.  If those aspiring Cronkites up there had any sense or balls they would be exposing all the bullshit.  Instead they are probably writing the leaflets.  Fuck that place.
I remember saying that his eyes were fattening shut last year, because it honestly looks that way.

There you go!  That's what I'm talking about.  Keep it up.
Seriously...what the fuck happened to this guy we thought we hired?

God damn.  I bet his weight has doubled since that picture.
Razorback Discussion / Re: New Hotness - Coaching Search
« Last post by Thin Red Swine on Today at 05:09:39 PM »

As a matter of fact, there is. The mighty Manatees of SCF Manatee-Sarasota, in Bradenton, FL. Jen could go home and SCF could keep Bert in a tank as friendly if sometimes drunk mascot.

Nice.  Bradenton also has wide open pastures where the large critters can roam.
Seriously...what the fuck happened to this guy we thought we hired?

Barry Alvarez always made sure Bert had plenty to eat.  When Bert would go for seconds he said "you've had plenty."
Razorback Discussion / Re: 2017 NFL Season Thread
« Last post by Razor B on Today at 05:07:27 PM »
Between the Hogs, Cowboys, and my sucky fantasy team I'm about done with football for the year.  I'd go see a high school game but I don't want to be a cooler on anyone.

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I’d go to a high school game too but mine isn’t winning either. I’ve not enjoyed football in a long time. Slowly becoming nothing and it’s my favorite sport.
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