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Holy Christ our offense is the suck so far.

Looks like it has in every SEC game
Holy Christ our defense is even suckier so far.
Holy Christ our offense is the suck so far.
1 for 5 shooting to start.
I'm glad Ole Miss doesn't have a small skinny white guy in the starting lineup.
Beard started.  Good to see his ankle wasn't serious.
Bears has the warmup off
Razorback Discussion / Re: So we lost our center?
« Last post by Lurk on Today at 02:30:54 PM »
Are they going to change the rules in high school, or are there some states that don't permit using a tee for placekicks?
I doubt it. All I know is our "never miss while we're ahead by 3 TD's" kickers aren't working out.
Beard and Thompson game time decisions
Razorback Discussion / Re: Uniforms
« Last post by NotoriousPIG on Today at 02:24:29 PM »
Better than aTm, Bama, OU maroon/crimson.

True but if they just get the color right then it's fine.
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