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Razorback Discussion / Re: Today, my kid...
« Last post by Sliver72 on Today at 09:14:57 PM »
LOL.  So my boy accompanied me to Abilene this week so that he could help me with my annual quality assurance checks which take 8 to 10 hours spread over 2 evenings.  I'm paying him to help.  So we flew into DFW and drove to Abilene from there.  We go up to the Avis desk at DFW and walk over to the Preferred area.  They had put us in a white Chevy Suburban.  So we were looking through the Select and Go area and saw this.  He's like, oh dad, we gotta get this.  So the Avis peeps did an even exchange for me and off we drove in a Nissan 370Z.  My boy is 15 and will get his license in January.  He wanted to drive around the parking lot at the center so I let him.  :D   He informed me that he would like to have this car as his first car, if, you know, I didn't mind.  BAHAHAHAHA.  I told Mom and she was like, "Um, NO."   But Mom, it does zero to 60 in 6 seconds.  :D   We're heading back to Dallas on Thursday morning to hang out for a couple of days and go to Top Golf and Six Flags amongst other things.  Just us 2 dudes.  Definitely a nice trip for Dad.  He's probably like, EH.  :)
Nope. This will be one of those things he looks back on when he becomes an older man and be so thankful that he was able to have a moment in time with you like this. I've come to realize that with kids, it's the little things.
Razorback Discussion / Re: He's Got A Foot
« Last post by Tusk till Dawn on Today at 09:05:55 PM »
You can't get this kind of coverage just anywhere.

How did the 6'11" 300lb. QB behemoth look?
Poor Julio can't seem to hang on to jewelry.  He lost a ring in Houston back in February

Razorback Discussion / Re: Enrollment, campus growth
« Last post by wmr on Today at 07:26:33 PM »
It took me a good 4 minutes into that video until I recognized anything.  Do they start out on 15th, and is it a two-lane at that time?

Oh, Holy shit.  No, it's SiXTH ST.  You can see the little Wiggins Methodist Church roof while they're stopped at the light. It was a two-lane in 1993??
Woopig News and Help / Re: Dryer that needs to be fixed
« Last post by Boar Bidet on Today at 07:17:48 PM »
Mr, Appliance
my normal appliance guy is booked till mid august. Someone suggested me appliance but fuck they wanna charge me $79 per appliance they are coming to look at. Are they really worth almost $200 for just a diagnostic fee
Razorback Discussion / Re: He's Got A Foot
« Last post by Animal on Today at 06:45:21 PM »
Practice Report:

We practiced today with spongy red things on our helmets. #8 seemed to pass the ball to #5 based on preliminary Channel 7 video smuggled out from the gates. Guys were bouncing around like it was the first day of practice despite the temperatures. Seem to have shaken off their last two performances where the team gave up 24 point leads in the 4th quarter. #3 looks good as a stand up outside linebacker...oh wait he's just jacking off out on the field never mind.

Razorback Discussion / Re: Can the Coaching Carousel begin?
« Last post by Wooisme on Today at 06:09:38 PM »
Jimmy Johnson was on the NC team


#TheRemedyYouSeekIsNotHere  J. Long
Woopig News and Help / Cannot attach pics
« Last post by chrchoswinentology on Today at 05:15:21 PM »
I tried to attach a pic in the yard thread one day but chalked it up to my iPhone taking HDR pics.  But I have tried posting pics from my iPad and my laptop and I get an error message each time.  I know I used to be able to post pics from my phone because I did it in the Traeger thread. 
Razorback Discussion / Re: Can the Coaching Carousel begin?
« Last post by BigEarn on Today at 05:07:07 PM »
Who were the good applicants for our job in 2013?

Jimmy Johnson was on the NC team
Razorback Discussion / Re: Enrollment, campus growth
« Last post by The Whyte Boar on Today at 04:53:57 PM »
1993 Fayetteville tour.

BWA construction at 13:00, but lots of cool stuff.

Three times they passed out house and didn't show it once.  I'm pretty sure it is probably because we were out on the lawn in our couches yelling at their ugly asses as they drove by.
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