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i do believe it.  it may not happen, but it is a realistic possibility.  vandy and georgia aren't good, but certainly capable of beating us if we show up like we did vs lsu.  every one else left on our schedule is better than ole miss.  if we go 2-10 rest of the way, does that make my statement less ridiculous?
I’ll take the bet that we win more than 0 games and I’ll also take the bet he win more than 2 games the rest of the way whenever you’re ready.
This is his 7th year. He's not taken this program beyond the round of 32.
His last deep penetration (snicker) into the dance was nearly ten years ago with Missouri.
Nostalgia comes with a heavy price tag.
Almost every year since Mike has been here, they have looked like dog shit for a few games at some point in mid to late January, or even early February, and then they hit their stride.

No reason to think it won't happen again this year. They get S. Carolina/Vandy/A&M/UK/Auburn all in BWA in February. I'd wager they win at least four of those, maybe all five.
Last year everyone threw in the towel on the season after this stretch:
1/28 lost at OkSt 99-71
2/1 win home vs Bama 87-68
2/4 lost at Mizzou 83-78
2/7 lost home vs Vandy 73-59

We came out of that shit sandwich ok. I expect we’ll get this figured out too.
Great, so we can get a 8/9 seed in the tourney.....again.

I mean you can't control what seed the committee gives you. Hogs' resume deserved the 7 seed that South Carolina got last year. Hogs had H2H win in Columbia, had a better record, similar RPI and a little worse SOS. Got a 8 instead.

Probably deserved a 4 in 2014-15 but got a 5 because the committee didn't respect the SEC. Dropping those games they had in the bag at Clemson and against LSU at home in finale cost them.
Razorback Discussion / Re: '17-'18 NCAA Basketball
« Last post by Thin Red Swine on Today at 08:44:23 PM »
Kentucky lost last night at USC-E. I could easily see the SEC champ having 4 or 5 conference losses, if not more.

Don't tell Florida that. 
Razorback Discussion / Re: 2017 NFL Season Thread
« Last post by TexZilla on Today at 08:18:24 PM »
Brady be da stud with a cut up hand and missing Gronk most of the day with th mcdaniels spending Half the game trying to decide on his TE coach in Indy.

Vikes choke away another one.  Jax and Vikes GMs think they’ll be there next year but the odds say this was their chance and they fucked it away.

I think Romo will be on a summers all level in a few years but he needs to smoke a. Cuouple packs of Chesterfields a day to get a little gravel in the throat.
Razorback Discussion / Re: 2017 NFL Season Thread
« Last post by Animal on Today at 08:02:28 PM »
It's about time to turn Case Keenum loose
Razorback Discussion / Re: 2017 NFL Season Thread
« Last post by BASS on Today at 08:01:54 PM »
did not see this coming.  thought the vikes' d would get the best of foles.  this is why i don't bet money on sports.
Razorback Discussion / Re: 2017 NFL Season Thread
« Last post by Nolapigz on Today at 07:57:23 PM »
I don’t think the Saints would have beaten this Eagles team.  They play like this and they can hang with the Pats.
Razorback Discussion / Re: 2017 NFL Season Thread
« Last post by Thin Red Swine on Today at 07:46:34 PM »
JJ Meadors says that was a catch.
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