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Razorback Discussion / Re: Your most loathsome sports villains as a child
« Last post by tbuck on Today at 12:05:34 PM »
The 1982 Atlanta Braves and all their dumbass bandwagon fans that claimed to have liked them ever since they got WTBS on cable.  Bullshit.

Guy V. Lewis and Phi Slamma Jamma.  Note however Olajuwon and Drexler became two of my favorite NBA players of all-time once they departed Cougar High.

Roberto Duran.  Fuck that mother fucker and all y'alls dissing on Sugar Ray Leonard.  Leonard's beat down in the "No Mas" fight was important for the restoration of American pride on a global scale.

But the end all be all #1 enemy for any American sports fan that grew up in the late 70's /early 80's was the 1980 Soviet Union hockey team.  Beating those commie bastards was THE most important thing in getting America back to its rightful place as the most bad ass country ever.  The Starkville with anyone that wants to give credit to any military leader or even worse any dipshit politician.  Those young college kids were what started the downfall of the Iron Curtain.

:thumbup: I'm going  to go run through a wall now, before returning to work.
plenty of people on this board have dogged MA. it's mostly buried in game threads though.

i've actually softened my stance on Anderson's style somewhat after hearing some interviews with NBA coaches and players last spring about what they are looking for in guys coming into the league. i think Anderson is farther down that road that a lot of his contemporaries. he's not put it all together yet for whatever reason. i think he needs better assistants, someone that is going to challenge him and force him to grow.
I had no clue they had moved Bequette to TE.
Beard will be fine.  he'll sit a few games.  Jacorey's many recent eff ups will make him the sacrificial lamb.
IF Beard is able to play and Kapita makes it to campus, both which are still in the air, then a lot of this hand wringing becomes idiotic, which is really all the "blind Mike defenders" have been saying all along.

We have no idea who may or may not have taken the job, because they never went after anyone else after anyone else. They new all along Mike would sign, or they would never have cut Pelphrey lose and risked losing the recruiting class he had committed.

You are correct, he would never have been hired if he had not been a legacy, not because he would not have come, he would never have been offered the job.
No, none of us on this message board have any idea on who was coming - but let's look at the history, which is pretty plain view.

Altman was a "meh" for everyone and he embarrassed us like no one ever has in a few hours.  If we had to go to Altman and Pelphrey, does that lead you to believe that anyone better was willing to come?  If you tell me Frank had Bill Self beating down the door, I'm just going to laugh openly at you.

The second paragraph shows your ignorance of college basketball.  If Mike Anderson wasn't good enough for us but good enough for OR, UGA, Missouri and AL while we were meandering in the wilderness with Pelphrey, then I have to again, openly wonder WHY a coach with a successful career in basketball would not be considered an upgrade for us based on everything an AD looks for - butts in seats (done), cultural fit (done), knowledge of recruiting area (done), APR sanctions (done), overall thuggery (done until 2 weeks ago) etc.  What would it be about Mike then, that you would have made up your mind about, if he had no connection to Arkansas?  Hmmmmmmm?

I mean, honestly I could kick you "three" around the floor all day on this stuff.  None of you really have any answers other than to yap about Bama pulling apparently a massive coup in hiring Avery Johnson, in your eyes, and Bruce Pearl - who I think every basketball fan knows is a quality coach but obviously carries some issues. 

I'm not bulldogged enough to go through all of your different accounts and pull up idiotic point by idiotic point to slap them down - we have posters on here who are much more surgical than I.  Go about your blathering and backslapping each "other" with the whining about Mike and his army of blind defenders. 
1972 Soviet Union Olympic Basketball Team - I believe the Silver Medals have never been claimed
If I have to give you the Nolan quotes... then that pretty much is an illustration to every other poster on here, some who have been following AR basketball for some time, that you really don't have much of an understanding of our program or history.  I'd rather let your ignorance flower out here on full display.

So, Mike having personal relationships with recruits and their families is NOT what we want in a coach then? We want what, in your opinion, instead of this?  A guy publicly offering to buy players?  A guy, not from this area with no loyalty to the program or knowledge of recruiting ties in this area, instead?  Did you consider the insertion of Lane Kiffin in to TN football a huge coup for them?

So the answer is No.

Lmao, the Ohio/Panama transplant wants to challenge my knowledge of our program history? Challenge accepted. You name the terms. 
I stated earlier there were less than proud moments for our fanbase in Nolan's early years, but I've still not seen anything where Nolan publicly refereed to any segment of our fanbase as "rednecks" and "turds." 

Lane Kiffin? What? You are the perfect example of using a strawman.
I wasn't referring to personal relationships as in good rapport,but  actual previous ties, such as being the kid's Uncle, Godfather, or a former players kid.  How often is that going to last?  Seems like it's ran out and hasn't helped us here.  No more Pressey kids or DeMarre Carrol's are walking through that door.
I would like a coach that can convince kids to come play for him based on his own merit, and that of the program.  We've fallen, but we still have one the best arenas, and fan bases in College Basketball.  They haven't taken down those banners in the last 13 years.  About 15 years ago we were one of the top 7 or 8 programs of all time.  We've fallen but we are still in the upper echelon. We still rank among the top in Final Fours and Tournament appearances.  We've done it multiple eras. One thing I see, out of posters like you, and some of Mike's more prominent defenders is an inability to let go of the past.  I would love to re-invent the glory days, but that may not ever be.  I think some people would rather suck, but play 40 minutes of Starkville, than be successful in another system.  It's a lot like the Gumps that try to resurrect Bear Bryant.


Crystal with a K + double R Star. If you are going to give your kid a name that white trash, best start socking away that beauty school/bail fund on day 1.       
Crapola / Re: The Dickson Street/Downtown Fayetteville Thread
« Last post by Count Porkula on Today at 11:51:24 AM »
I would like to know what those apartments turned out like in the old St. Joseph Church.  Was down near Dickson over the weekend and if the sound is not an issue the condos on the square and even Dickson street would be tempting.  No yard, easy access on game days.  I'd think about renting it out on VRBO for Bikes/Blues or leave town though.

A buddy of mine lived there for a while a couple of years ago.  Pretty quiet place. 
Beard will be fine.  he'll sit a few games.  Jacorey's many recent eff ups will make him the sacrificial lamb.

I think that is the likely play out on that as well. Only thing is if it turns out Beard was much deeper in than simply having a bunch of fake bills.
Replying to yourself dude? Sweet

Not me but that is my roommate.
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