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Razorback Discussion / Time for the Traditional Friday Pre-game Haiku
« Last post by ArkGuy on Today at 11:59:44 AM »
Willie Oates is missed;
Homecoming colors ablaze;
Let Ford call the plays.
Crapola / Re: ebola
« Last post by Stephen Colboar on Today at 11:57:17 AM »
we're all gonna die
Crapola / Re: ebola
« Last post by Tanny Bogus on Today at 11:56:53 AM »
I was thinking the other day, why in basketball does play stop immediately at the sight on one drop of blood, yet in football it is routinely smeared all over uniforms with no concern whatsoever?
Crapola / Re: The Dickson Street/Downtown Fayetteville Thread
« Last post by razorwire on Today at 11:53:42 AM »

Lindsey's building favelas now?

That is the largest collection of T-111 I have ever seen.
Crapola / Re: The Dickson Street/Downtown Fayetteville Thread
« Last post by Tanny Bogus on Today at 11:52:14 AM »
You are right, they are all boxes.  You have to decide which way you want to decorate the box.  You can try and stick with symmetrical arrangements as much as possible, which is what the HJ one is doing, or you can throw symmetry out the window completely.  That is what Modus has done and I think that is what bothers people more than anything.
As overgrown and jangled as it is, the 3 Sisters building on Dickson has great detailing.  The brickwork, cast stone details, etc are something that you don't see on many buildings, especially one of that size.  When I look at the HJ drawings, yes it might be more "traditional" but it won't have any of the traditional detailing on smaller scale and that leaves it looking flat and in my opinion, cheap.  That last pic you showed could be a hospital.
When you go "modern" like Modus has, you can do other things to break down the scale (they use different paint colors on the same material which is cheaper) and you can lose all the traditional detailing (which cost money) and call it modern.  I wish they would paint the white areas of their other project on Lafayette because it looks unfinished and cheapens it.
Crapola / Re: Pulaski County
« Last post by Stephen Colboar on Today at 11:50:35 AM »
§tephen Colboar

You drop a Super Bowl winning TD you are not the greatest of all time at your position.
what about a 1-2 record in superbowls and you've thrown almost as many tds to the other teams as you have yours?  Are you the greatest of all time at your position?
Crapola / Re: WTF
« Last post by BigDavis on Today at 11:48:35 AM »
Razorback Discussion / Re: what the frick, C4???
« Last post by notaslibro on Today at 11:47:44 AM »
Hoggly's mom is getting a little long in the tooth so PorkSoda's mom might be a perfect replacement.

If you like forearm crutches and prolapses, she's your girl gal entity.
Crapola / Re: WTF
« Last post by PigsInSpace on Today at 11:46:24 AM »

I don't understand how after so many years we can't know exactly where it's coming from and hence it's purpose.

You want to hear it?  Enter 4625kHz

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