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Razorback Discussion / Re: THE Saline County Thread
« Last post by Law_Hawg on Today at 09:46:51 AM »

Contrary to some TV reporting, this incident yesterday happened in Landmark and not in East End.

UPDATE: Three shot on Easter Morning

Delana Head said she was asleep with her granddaughter when she heard gunshots going off inside her house.  Not soon after, her son and his girlfriend rushed into her bedroom and the gunman followed after them.

“I said, ‘Get out of my house!  What are you doing?’” recounted Head to reporters at the scene.

That’s what Head yelled at Jason Lee Vance, 35 of Little Rock, the man who she says shot her son and her son’s girlfriend – the man who she says is the girlfriend’s stalker.

“All I know is that guy’s been stalking this girl for a long time and she’s had an order of protection against him,” said Head.

According to Head, it supposedly started when her son and girlfriend went to the car to get something out of the trunk.

“When they opened it up that guy popped out of the car,” said Head.

Head’s son, Gary Carter, and girlfriend Jessica Upchurch, ran inside according to Head and allegedly Vance came after them.  Head said Vance shot her son in the hand, Upchurch in the leg and in the process, Upchurch fired back at Vance.  Upchurch and Carter ran into Head’s bedroom and when Vance followed Head yelled at him.

“And I don’t know if maybe he realized that he was out of it or something, but I guess he turned around and started going back out of the house,” said Head.

Vance apparently ran from Head’s trailer at 721 Metsy Lane to the trailer at the end of Metsy Lane where Pulaski County Sheriff’s deputies found him.  All three involved in the shooting were transported to area hospitals.  Investigators spent the majority of the day combing the scene for evidence.  Certainly not an easter Head had hoped for.

“I thought, well I didn’t wake up for Easter yet did I?” recounted Head.  “It was just waking up to a bunch of noise and racket.”

Vance was last known to be in critical condition with an officer guarding his bedside.  He faces two first degree battery charges with possibly more charges to come.
Woopig News and Help / Re: Deck Boat vs Pontoon with Fishing Set-up
« Last post by JDHog on Today at 09:45:24 AM »
I have owned a fishing model 22' Hurricane Deck Boat, and just gave that to my Brother-in-law and purchased an 18' Bennington Pontoon set up for fishing also.

I love the pontoon, but of course it is new, while the deck boat was about 15 years old.  Deck Boat would cruise at about 35 mph with 115 2 stroke Yamaha, while the Pontoon tops out at about 18 mph with 4 stroke Yamaha.

I also have added a Minkota I-pilot trolling motor, 8' power-pole and 7" Touch screen GPS to the Pontoon.

We downsized to an 18', as usually it is just two people fishing.  Much lighter to tow than the deck boat.

Feel free to PM if you have any questions.

Nice setup.
Razorback Discussion / Re: Arkansas v. #11 Vandy
« Last post by Karl Onterio on Today at 09:40:26 AM »

The family consensus was we need to have an intervention with the young lad so that he might start selecting shirts in his size.

I can't afford the "Capnthog" size shirts
« Last post by Law_Hawg on Today at 09:37:58 AM »
Was watching the Arsenal match this morning when the play-by-play guy (English) said this while Ramsey had the ball....

"Ramsey is keeping his pecker up"

Had to back it up a couple of times to make sure I heard it right. These guys have to know they're broadcasting to an American audience, right?

I don't know about you all, but that win kept my pecker up!

Razorback Discussion / Re: 2014 PGA Thread
« Last post by kingofdequeen on Today at 09:33:22 AM »
This is an interesting comparison. Can we agree that Kobe has been the most dominate player of his generation? So when he comes back next year, will he be the best player in the league?  Where will he be in the rankings of best player in the league? And as the years go by and we get to 7 years since the Lakers won a championship, will Kobe still be considered the best player, even if he's playing at a high level?

he got passed by Bron Bron several years back, bro.

and Kobe's not MJ.  Tont is, tho.
Crapola / Re: WTF
« Last post by FNG on Today at 09:20:40 AM »
Slight derail, sorry.

I love music but I can't read it and don't really understand it; terms like minor keys, chord progressions and time signatures baffle me.

That being said, on what basis do educated musicians decide the greats/greatest when it comes to guitarists? Is it manual dexterity and skill or is it how they interpret a particular piece of music or is it something entirely different?

I'll hang myself and listen.
I said this elsewhere, but the new logo looks like this:

mated with this:


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