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Crapola / Re: Best drinking song.
« Last post by Boar Bidet on Today at 12:09:46 PM »
"Take Me Drunk, I'm Home"
Razorback Discussion / Re: Jojo we barely knew ye
« Last post by Law_Hawg on Today at 12:07:24 PM »
Father: Charge dropped against UA signee

According to his father, Robinson was a passenger in a car the cops pulled over.  Sounds like the driver was a suspect in an armed robbery, and fled from the police on foot after pulling over (and is apparently still on the loose).  Robinson stayed in the car and was arrested.  Robinson's dad says Robinson didn't know anything about the prior armed robbery. 
Razorback Discussion / Re: Russell Wilson don't love them hos
« Last post by Law_Hawg on Today at 12:05:32 PM »

Short marriage, so not too strong of a case for long-term alimony on the wife's part (plus, I have no idea what her income is). 

Looks like no kids, so won't be paying a large amount of child support that will only go up with every larger contract he signs in the future. 

Crapola / Re: Check Your Dead Pools
« Last post by authorhawgerelli on Today at 11:54:50 AM »

I haven't watched this, but since I'm Mr. Helper today, you can start  here, probably.

Razorback Discussion / Re: It's Gymnastics, But.......
« Last post by KSHogg on Today at 11:52:11 AM »

I was always kind of partial to gymnastics butt, also volleyball butt.
Crapola / Re: Check Your Dead Pools
« Last post by HawgRockCafe on Today at 11:50:44 AM »
I was a child when Live Aid was happening and remember all the craze, but I had no idea who Bob Geldof was until this thread.
I also didn't have MTV, etc until a few years later.  My parents were cheap.

Same here. Music just doesn't matter that much to me. I mean I like listening to music but certainly not passionate about it.

I don't care for much pre-80s at all, so I don't know the history that many do. I was into music during high school in the late 80s and liked the hair bands and hard rock, though not much heavy metal. Was into country most of the 90s because that's what my wife liked. Missed the whole grunge thing. Entirely. Not sure I could identify a single Kurt Cobain song.
Crapola / Re: I don't know much about drugs
« Last post by notaslibro on Today at 11:50:32 AM »
Ask notaslibro.  They won't let him buy allergy medicine at the Walgreens any more.  Think of that little nasty looking ghost in Ghostbusters.  That's him without his Sudafed. 

Not real sure why this is his Senior portrait in his 1971 Yearbook picture.  Not really the way I had him pictured either.

I can ride a motorcycle sans helmet but I can't be trusted to take a fricking decongestant without prior approval from an Obama death panel and 15 Arkansas magistrate. 
Crapola / Re: Best drinking song.
« Last post by Tusk till Dawn on Today at 11:48:07 AM »
I think any song I'm listening to while drunk is the greatest drinking song of all time.

I have a drinking songs playlist - its over a thousand.  *:

But one that pops into my mind right now is "Just Got Paid Today" by ZZ Top
Crapola / Re: I don't know much about drugs
« Last post by KSHogg on Today at 11:46:45 AM »
I'm betting its Cerdo, hes just trying to throw errybody off. His avatar has got to be one of his ladies!
Crapola / Re: South Korea
« Last post by shortstop6 on Today at 11:45:50 AM »
To me, it looks like they want to be Japanese. I really think so.

If only there was an easier way.
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