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the twitters saying now either cbs 2:30 or espn 6
Razorback Discussion / Re: It is now Aggie week (game thread)
« Last post by hogfan58 on Today at 05:21:16 PM »
Had, let's see, a few woopiggers tailgating side by side in Lot 4.  GolfingHog, DocintheRock, PorkRinds, HawgRockCafe, um...who else?  Well, and me of course.

Looked for you, but didn't find you. Traffic was a bitch and got there later than I had hoped though.
Razorback Discussion / Re: Calm your tits.
« Last post by hogfan58 on Today at 05:20:12 PM »
I've been to every game in Cowboys/AT&T Stadium that the Hogs have played in including the Cotton Bowl.  It's a freakin expensive endeavor.  Decent seats (mine for the last 2 years were on the goal line, section 240ish, just above the band) are freakin $125.  That's $375 for my wife, my son, and myself.  Then, a parking pass is $50.  FIFTY BUCKS.  Damn.  So $425 just to go to a game.  I spent $15 on 3 bottled waters.  Jesus.  This year, I vowed to save $50 and didn't have ONE BEER at the game.  As for the crowd, good lord.  Hog fans called the Hogs like 15 times pregame and probably 15 times or more during the game.  Our band was pretty loud but from behind them, I couldn't much hear them.  The Aggie Band, I swear they were mic'd up.  If they weren't, damn they're loud.  All in all, from inside the stadium, it sure seemed like both sets of fans were equally as loud until Austin Allen got hit and fumbled.  After that, it was pretty much over.  I used to not leave games early but now, I can tell when it's done and I really don't want to stay to the end of a shitty movie. 

So we left, went to our tailgate spot and took everything down.  That said, after the game, several of my group who has been to almost every one of the games lamented that none of us are likely to return anytime soon.  Yes, losing 3 in a row to them in that stadium sucks especially since it's a neutral site.  There is nothing shittier than having to listen to fans of the opposing team rub shit in your face after a loss.  At home, in DWRRS, if a team beats us there, there's only a smattering of their fans to walk around and talk shit so you don't have to deal with it as a fan of the losing team.  That's one of the things about going to "away" games that isn't any fun.  That's the main reason I will never go back to Bryant Denny Stadium because post game, their fans are complete shitheads.  As expected. 

So yeah, after 2 days of lamentations and general malaise, I may go back.  I dunno.  I sure freakin hate losing to A&M.  Not because I think we're superior, just because losing to ANY team 5 years in a row sucks.  Especially when 2 years, the Hogs gave the game away and then this year, I dunno.  We did SO MUCH to not win.  It's frustrating!

Has anyone seen an attendance figure for the game? I saw TONS of empty seats in the upper levels.
I've tried to let this game sink in and make a non emotional post, but I am still struggling with how I feel about the game.  First, that one hurt.  aTm is a good team but I thought we were going to get over the hump and set ourselves up for a monster game against Bama.  Unfortunately, we are still Arkansas.

Austin Allen has been incredible and so have the WR/TE core of Hatcher, Morgan, Cornellius, and Sprinkle. Hollister had a great game as well.  Those guys give us all they have every game.  The O-line is still a work in progress.  Wallace is better than Jackson and all of the shuffling around is biting us in the ass.  Wallace needed those first three games as a starter to get ready for the aTm game.  It is very concerning that the cornerstone of our philosophy is one of the weakest units on the team.

I wish we would have spread the field a bit on the goal line.  You could run a trips bunch formation and sprint out and run a pick play for a TD.  We could run Austin like we did against TCU.  They were whipping us upfront and we didn't do anything to help ourselves.  Enos had some great playcalls in that game, but the goal line stuff was as bad as it gets.  I felt like we got outcoached on both sides of the ball in this game.     

I'm not sure where this team is.  I think we are pretty good, but I cannot figure our defense out.  For almost one half, they looked incredible and for one half they looked every bit as bad as last years defense.  Two games against two pretty good but not great offenses and we have given up almost 1200 yards of offense.  That is with us keeping the ball for 2/3's of both games.  We gave up 28 points in the 2nd half of each game plus a ton of yardage.  It can't be fatigue.  Our defense was on the sideline the entire 3rd quarter.  Does Smith not make adjustments at the half?  I'm looking for answers.

The schedule is about to get rough.  Bama, Ole Miss, @ Auburn, and Florida.  All four teams have very physical defenses and I think Ole Miss is the worst matchup for us in the conference if Kelley is healthy.  We have to protect Austin or we will lose all 4 games if he gets hurt.  I think we will give Bama our best shot and that game will go down to the wire.  If we lose that game and get beat up physically, it could go downhill fast.  I'm not nearly as confident in the Auburn game as most.  Coming off back to back tough games and then going on the road is a recipe for getting beat against most decent teams in college football.     

What really concerns me, besides the constant reshuffle at O-Line is what happens to our defense in the 2nd half vs the 2 best teams we've played so far.

17-0 TCU
17-17 A&M

Our defense looked great in both of those games in the 1st half, except for the last drive of the half in the A&M game. But in the 2nd, it all goes to shit. It's as if we don't make adjustments, but they do. We OWNED the 3Q in the A&M game, but that just shows you that TOP means nothing if you don't score and they do. Once they hit the long pass and the TD after the AA fumble, the game was over.

TCU did the same thing to us in the 3Q....Hill running for FD on 3rd downs, something he didn't do in the first half. It's like we had no idea he was a running QB.
Razorback Discussion / Re: Calm your tits.
« Last post by hogsrunwild on Today at 05:10:39 PM »
Spent $1200 on tickets for mom, dad and myself.  $500 for rental car.  Hotel was free, luckily.  I'll go back next year probably, but mom won't
Bruv, it IS Alcorn State.  I know the players aren't taking anyone lightly, but I'm a fan and yes, I'm taking Alcorn State lightly.  We'll win that game.  4-1.

Well it's just bad business. I wouldn't do it knowing that there are things that cannot be changed. Death, taxes, and Arkansas' pull with God

Razorback Discussion / Re: It is now Aggie week (game thread)
« Last post by Rick B. on Today at 04:56:35 PM »
Had, let's see, a few woopiggers tailgating side by side in Lot 4.  GolfingHog, DocintheRock, PorkRinds, HawgRockCafe, um...who else?  Well, and me of course. 
speaking of, what about mike gundy?  he sure as shit seemed ready to get out of stillwater when mr. pepsi was looking.

Talk to him! He's like 50 now!
Well I'm just saying we keep saying 4-1 which is amazing considering how many games we have played

Oh, well good point there. 
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