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There was a young woman from Kent,
Whose nose was terribly bent.
One day she decided to follow her nose,
And nobody knows where she went.
Crapola / Re: Scary thought
« Last post by authorhawgerelli on Today at 11:02:27 AM »
He's a dog, he steals food and thinks cat aMm is appetizing. Of course he's crooked and insane.

He just doesn't hide it like his opponents.

We went to the San Diego Zoo a few weeks ago.  Nice to see that the monkeys there are like the monkeys in the Little Rock Zoo.  They must be related to your dog.  Of course I guess it wasn't cat aMm, but their own.
Razorback Discussion / Re: 2014 PGA Thread
« Last post by GolfingHog on Today at 11:00:32 AM »
Awesome. Again, using YOUR logic, if Jack were to play in the 2015 Masters, both he and Tiger would be among the favorites to win it.

I guess you really are that stupid. Let me explain it to you as easily as I can: as long as he is competitive, Tiger (like Jack) is going to be among the favorites on any course he's won at before. Especially a place he's won 8 fricking times already. And obviously anyone playing well at the time would be among the favorites too, but their history playing the event usually factors into that too. Some guys' games just don't translate well to certain courses no matter how well they're playing.

I used the '86 Masters as an example to illustrate that it doesn't really matter how you're playing going into the event sometimes if you've had great success at a certain venue. Sometimes that previous success helps you catch lightning in a bottle. The same would need to happen for Tiger to win this week, but its possible based on his past success there alone.
Razorback Discussion / Re: Stop it.
« Last post by authorhawgerelli on Today at 11:00:13 AM »
If I am on a country road with a shoulder and you turn on your left hand blinker, most likely I'm gonna go around you on the right. Sounds like it could cause an accident to me.

I thought that was a legal move until I was 34.  Found out when I was running late one morning.  20 year old city cop, fresh out of the academy cites the law to me.  Writes me a ticket.  Ironically, a guy on a motorcycle pulls over across the yellow line, out of politeness I'm sure to avoid hitting us I guess, as the young man is writing the ticket out on my hood.  It kind of goes without saying that you don't have to point things like that out to a guy fresh out of the academy, but I did.  My apology and explanation that my new born baby sleeps about 1 hour out of 24, so I was a bit not myself didn't draw any sympathy.  His supervisor was an acquaintance, and he tore the ticket up for me.  The city was trying to get some sort of bond issue passed, and the supervisor told me that wasn't exactly the way to court the public.
Crapola / Re: Springdale to finally get a Sam's Club
« Last post by goporkyourself on Today at 10:55:06 AM »
doesn't really make sense to me but whatever.

Crapola / Springdale to finally get a Sam's Club
« Last post by HawgRockCafe on Today at 10:53:53 AM »
After the fiasco from the last attempt it's finally going to happen.


Sam’s Club will return with Springdale store in 2016

Submitted by The City Wire Staff on Fri, 08/01/2014 - 9:52am

story by Kim Souza
ksouza@thecitywire.com [1]

The positive news keeps coming for Springdale, the city in the middle of the growing Northwest Arkansas region. Wal-Mart announced Friday (Aug. 1) plans to build a new Sam’s Club located near Arvest Ball Park at 58th Street facing U.S. 412.

"We are delighted to return to Springdale. Aside from the jobs, community giving that comes along with a new club opening is big. At Sam's we have a saying ‘Happy to help,’ and we are truly glad to bring Springdale a beautiful new Sam's Club," said Kurt Hess, regional marketing manager for Sam's Club.

This announcement comes two weeks before a new supercenter opens at Elm Springs Road and Interstate 49 and just a month after a new Neighborhood Market was announced by the retail giant near the new Don Tyson interchange and I-49.

“This is big for several reasons,” said Mayor Doug Sprouse. “There is the added tax revenue as a Sam’s Club would be a big gain for any city, but equally important is the new development near Arvest Ballpark for which we have waited patiently for some time.”

He said the timing of the Sam’s Club opening in 2016 will also coincide with the city’s 58th Street widening project to four lanes with a median from the Don Tyson Expressway beyond U.S. 412.

Sprouse said it’s hard to gauge the financial impact, but for Springdale to have one time had the only Sam’s Club in the region and lose it, this announcement is especially sweet. Sam’s Club, unable to secure a liquor license in Springdale in 2006, pulled out of the city and built a new club along I-49 – then I-540 – near the Arkansas 112 junction in northwest Fayetteville. A second club was completed in Bentonville in 2008 leaping over Springdale.

Spouse said the landscape has changed and the local population has grown since Sam’s left Springdale. Officials with the Springdale Chamber of Commerce also praised the news.

"There are great days ahead for Springdale. This has turned out to be a summer of good news for the city from downtown development, retail expansion and added jobs," said Bill Rogers, communications director for the Springdale Chamber of Commerce.

The typical Sam’s Club measures approximately 136,000 square feet, and includes a fresh bakery, tire and battery center, a café and a fuel station. The Springdale Sam’s Club store is expected to employ about 175 workers, a combination of part-time, full-time hourly and salary management.

Bentonville-based Sam’s Club will need no introduction in Springdale but local consumers might not realize that the if warehouse club stood on its own outside the umbrella of parent company Wal-Mart it would be the eighth largest retailer in the U.S. with $56 billion in annual revenue. That’s more sales than the Gap, J.C. Penney and Kohl’s rang up combined last year.

The retailer celebrated its 30th birthday in April 2013 and employs more than 110,000 workers in its 640 clubs. The clubs average more than $80 million in sales annually with a membership of some 47 million and growing.

Sam’s Club restructured its in-store management teams earlier this year eliminating 2,300 jobs, a move the retailer said was necessary to streamline operating costs in a challenging economic environment.

Sam’s plans to open 20 new clubs this year, including remodeled and expanded stores working to fill in markets where the retailer already has strong brand recognition. Last year Sam’s opened 12 clubs.

Razorback Discussion / Re: Stop it.
« Last post by pinkphiloyd on Today at 10:53:25 AM »
My grandmother used to honk when she passed cars.  The looks we got from the other car were WTF-ish.  Embarrassed the aMm outta me.

When I took the drivers test in, say, '93-ish, it was still in the book that you were supposed to do this.  No one ever did, but it was in there.
Razorback Discussion / Re: Stop it.
« Last post by acater on Today at 10:50:07 AM »
I don't get mad over not turning your blinker on for someone ahead of them turning, but I have used it myself. When you're on a small 2 lane road and the cars behind you can't see they don't typically expect you to just stop in the middle of the road, and a blinker probably gets their attention more. I' don't think it's a courtesy, just an effort to keep the retard behind me from rear-ending me because they probably aren't paying attention a blinker might be more likely to get their attention.

If I am on a country road with a shoulder and you turn on your left hand blinker, most likely I'm gonna go around you on the right. Sounds like it could cause an accident to me.
Crapola / Re: Scary thought
« Last post by Hackfuck McDouche on Today at 10:49:36 AM »
With the exception of your dog, of course. 

He's a dog, he steals food and thinks cat aMm is appetizing. Of course he's crooked and insane.

He just doesn't hide it like his opponents.
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