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Author Topic: This year's redshirt class  (Read 9532 times)

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Re: This year's redshirt class
« Reply #50 on: December 03, 2011, 09:44:02 AM »
I saw a stat someone posted...we had the fewest sacks per pass/most passes per sack in the SEC.  Our OL did OK.  It just galls me that we can't run the ball early in the year.  This weren't just this year, it has been all 4 years of BMFP.

michael smith would like a word with you.  but i get what yer sayin, it is frustrating that we can't have a carryover into spring/summer/fall camp with our run game.

we were #1 in pass attempts/sack last year with mallett.  its not all o-line, some of it falls on the coaching of the qb and wr's and the play designs. 

this is truly an NFL style offense where plays are designed to give the qb options to get rid of the ball quickly.  every pass play has short quick developing routes, medium routes to exploit zone or man coverage, and a deep route or two to constantly stretch the field and force the safeties to stay back in coverage.  the qb's responsibility is to recognize the pressure and/or blitz, quickly decide how much time he has to read his progressions, make the reads, and throw to an open guy before the pressure gets to him or throw the ball away.  petrino's qb's have a clock ticking down in their mind every pass play, they are taught to think quickly and make the throw. the better the pass protection on a specific play, the more options the qb has and the more time he has to make his decisions before he makes the throw.
After that 56-3 beatdown by Auburn Saturday he will be known only as Bert until he wins an SEC title.  That is the only way he gets back in teh good graces enough to be called by the name his momma gave him.

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Re: This year's redshirt class
« Reply #51 on: December 05, 2011, 03:40:57 AM »
Reminds me of when Nolan called Larry Satchell a "poor man's Lee Wilson".

Umm, no thanks.


It's unpossible that he said that, but that's still some funny aMm.


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