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Author Topic: Multi-year scholarships---St. Nick says OTAY  (Read 861 times)

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Irvin: BWAAHAHAHA! (yelling) Aw mane!  Deion, scrin scranton!  BWAAHAHAHA!  Got to grisna!  Like T.O.!  BWAAHAHAHA!
Marino: OK, well like we were saying before, McNair will display the toughness and show the kind of heart that…
Irvin: BWAAAHAHAHA! (yelling) You know I scrilleous crate!  Grab a pen in traven!  BWAAAHAHAHA!  Sh*t!  Now I’m say!  Aw mane!
Sanders: HA HA!  Crenious shanta!  BWAAAHAHAHA!
Marino: What?
Irvin: BWAAAHAHAHA! (pushes Sanders in shoulder, falls backward out of chair)
Sanders:  Aw mane!
Irvin: (from ground)  BWAAAHAHAHA!