*NEW* Firefox 3.0 Skin

Here is the official Arkansas Razorback Firefox 3.0 Theme. Just hit the green download button below and it should install automatically. You will have to restart Firefox to apply it.Preview

You will need Firefox version 3.0 to use this theme. It will not work with any prior versions of Firefox. If you have a 2.0 version use the theme further down this page.

Install now. After it installs hit the Restart Firefox button and you’re done. Browser Toolbar

We have created a toolbar for you Woopig addicts. It will run in Internet Explorer or Firefox (PC or Mac) and is full of handy little features.

  • Google search
  • Woopig and other Razorback related links
  • Handy little java-based Web Gadgets
  • Popup blocker
  • Live RSS feed in scroll bar of the newest threads & replies in the Razorback Discussion forum
  • Email checker/new message notification configurable for Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail or POP3 accounts
  • Chat with other Woopig Toolbar users
  • Popup blocker
  • Live weather information for your area.
  • Anytime we update or make changes to the toolbar, it will automatically be updated the next time you start your browser
  • No spyware and easily uninstalls

Click here to proceed to the install page.