Woopig Wiki

“Your full of aMm, go to Starkville”

Uh, what? Woopig has it’s own vernacular in some cases, which:

  • Confuses people and/or
  • Reinforces Arkansans don’t know how to talk

Well, the second one is certainly incorrect. So we’re resurrecting the Woopig Dictionary, but better. We used to have a bunch of terms in it but they got lost in one of our server moves. Feel free to submit a term and its definition and we’ll either approve it or not. If you submit something and don’t see it show up in the list, just email elvishog@woopig.net and I’ll tell you what’s up with it.

Many of the entries below might not be suitable for all audiences. Proceed with caution.


  • Alma Sonic (noun) – the only place where Woopig sanctioned fights happen. Many a challenge has been issued to meet there. The original version of this picture was Porkphat issuing the first challenge. Nutt’s head was inserted later.
  • aMm (noun) – shit. Its a reference to Mississippi A&M i.e. Mississippi State. Ex. “The Ole Miss offense won’t be able to do aMm against our defense.”
  • Boort (adjective) – the sound of ejaculation
  • Butt Pee (verb) – used to compliment a nice looking woman. Ex. “Shoot, I’d pee in her butt.”
  • Cloud Tie (noun) – reference to poster Salvaboar Dali. Illustration
  • Clownshoes (adjective, noun) –
  • Colonel Reb (noun) – the censor’s answer for pretty much any reference to Houston Nutt. Illustration
  • Depauwsome (adjective) – awesome. Coined by TUSKS, a Depauw alum.
  • Desk Farting (verb) – exactly what it says…farting on a desk. Mantits recalled the time when he was working at some TV station and he was sitting on the desk corner of a woman who was an on-air personality. And he farted. No real use, it just comes up sometimes.
  • DIAF (sentence) – Die in a fire. Ex. “Anyone that still supports Nutt should DIAF” Illustration
  • Difficulty Breathing (uh) – can’t breathe from laughing so hard at a post/thread. Picture an Indian (not American) saying it. Doesn’t require an explanation, just “I’m difficulty breathing.”
  • Dogthumb (noun) –
  • Dumas (noun) – intentional misspelling of “dumbass”. Ex. “Your a dumas.”
  • Ebays (noun) – general reference to the internet. From Bobby Bowden’s quote complaining about the internet. “Because you all ignited it,” he said to a small room of reporters. “You listen to eBay and e-mail and all that junk, and you all kept writing about it and that fans it and makes it grow and grow, and it becomes a cancer. That’s why.” Ex. “Woopig is teh best site on teh ebays.”
  • Evar (adverb) – intentional misspelling of “ever”.
  • Fa99ort (noun) – A homosexual…not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just a derogatory term, like idiot. Settle down. Ex. If you won’t fight me at the Alma Sonic, you must be a fa99ort.
  • Ferret Top (noun) – reference to Mike Irwin, KFSM sports guy. Illustration
  • Flaggort (noun) – A guy on the band’s flagline. Variation of fa99ort. Illustration
  • Frosted Tips (noun, adjective) – insinuation of fa99ortry. Example
  • Genus (adjective) – intentional misspelling of “genius”. Ex. “Houston Nutt’s playcalling is nothing but genus.”
  • Got To Grisna/Scrin Scranton – used to point out gibberish. From the classic exchange written by a poster I can’t remember. JoeBobHog has it in his sig. Illustration

Irvin: BWAAHAHAHA! (yelling) Aw mane!  Deion, scrin scranton!  BWAAHAHAHA!  Got to grisna!  Like T.O.!  BWAAHAHAHA!
Marino: OK, well like we were saying before, McNair will display the toughness and show the kind of heart that…
Irvin: BWAAAHAHAHA! (yelling) You know I scrilleous crate!  Grab a pen in traven!  BWAAAHAHAHA!  Sh*t!  Now I’m say!  Aw mane!
Sanders: HA HA!  Crenious shanta!  BWAAAHAHAHA!
Marino: What?
Irvin: BWAAAHAHAHA! (pushes Sanders in shoulder, falls backward out of chair)
Sanders:  Aw mane!
Irvin: (from ground)  BWAAAHAHAHA!

  • Grammer (noun) – intentional misspelling of grammar. Ex. “Boy, didn’t they teach you no grammer at Bugtussle?”
  • Great Post Biggus (sentence) – often seen after an extremely long winded pointless post. See “Mayor of Parsing, Kansas”Illustration
  • Grit (noun) – another name for Otis Kirk. References how he started in the recruiting world, pushing his newsletter like a Grit paperboy.
  • Grits’ Coon (noun) – Otis has a pet raccoon that he’s referenced a few times on his retarded board – I think he even said one time that someone got him so mad that he “kicked the coon”.  I even remember reading the guy on another board who finally fessed up to being the guy who gave Otis the coon…. anyway, with Otis being as much a hillbilly as he appears to be with his running fleet of junk cars, marble mouthed style of speaking and just general trashiness – the legend of Otis and the Coon’s love just began to kind of grow. Credit goes to Cerdo for his explanation.
  • Hoggly’s Mom (adjective) – always used in an example of a “loose woman” or to stress a point about something or just to take a swipe at her. It’s just a joke, none of us have ever met her, except maybe JoeBob. Ex. “That touchdown run was as easy as Hoggly’s Mom.” Usage
  • Joebob (verb) – to make intercourse with. Ex. “When you’re not home, I’m going to come over and Joebob your woman.” Please direct inquiries to JoeBobHog.
  • Lakers Jersey (noun) – Censor for Otis Kirk. Renowned for the Lakers game jersey that he wears everywhere.
  • Mantits (name) – reference to the flame endowed PT Cruiser driving individual that almost destroyed The Pigpen after it moved to Rivals. Illustration
  • Moobs (noun) – man boobs. Most often referencing Houston Nutt’s mammaries. Illustration
  • Moran (noun) – intentional misspelling of Moron. Ex. “A brain. Go get one, you moran.” Illustration
  • Nobvillehomeofthedregsandsimpletons (noun) – Censor for Hogville. Self-explanatory, and if you want to click a link stop being a pussy and turn your censor off.
  • Penus (noun) – intentional misspelling of penis. It’s just funnier. Ex. “Hoggly’s Mom likes the penus.” See “Hoggly’s Mom”.
  • Pwned (verb) – getting the what-for by another poster. Ex. “Ha ha…you got pwned!” Variations: pwnt, pwn3d. Illustration
  • Scrin Scranton – see Got to Grisna.
  • Skkkip (name) – poster that initially went by “Skip”. Had to change names several times. The book on Skip is long, too long to type here. But here’s a picture. And here’s how unstable he is. You say “why are there three K’s in his name?”. I say…it’s not so much three K’s…more like KKK. No explanation necessary.
  • Slam My Cock in a Screen Door (sentence) – typically follows a post where someone isn’t sure whether they’re right or not, or whether something has already been posted. Ex. “If this is already posted, I’m on my way to slam my cock in a screen door.” Many variations have appeared over time, but the gist is slamming one’s joint in some sort of door. First introduced by a noob, qualifying him for best noob post of all time. Usage
  • Starkville (noun) – Hell. Ex. “Ole Miss’ season is going to Starkville after the first game.”
  • Teh (I don’t know) – intentional misspelling of “the”. Not really a Woopig thing but worth a mention. Ex. “Woopig is teh greatest site on teh ebays.” See Ebays.
  • The Mayor of Parsing, Kansas (noun) – reference to Nobville’s long winded poster, Biggus Piggus. See “Great Post, Biggus”
  • Threve (adjective) – replacement for “three”.
  • TIHWE (acronym) – This is how Woopig ends. Reference
  • TTIWWP (acronym) – this thread is worthless without pictures. Usage
  • Toopified (adjective) – variation of stupified, with a reference to Brady Toops grand slam against Wichita State. Illustration
  • Vexed (adjective) – confused. Ex. “Nutt continues to run the smoke draw even though it never works. I’m vexed.”
  • Wizard Sleeve (noun, adjective) – female genitalia. Ex. “You sounded like a big wizard sleeve with that post.”
  • Woppussy (name) – Skkkip’s extremely clever replacement name for Woopig. See Skkkip.
  • Your/You’re (contraction) – Purposely misspelled versions of “you’re” and “your”. Due to the constant misuse of the word, we decided that we would just adopt it. Ex. “Your about as dumb as you’re brother.


Most of these come from the Classics Forum, which is worth perusing. But you might need the terms above to work your way through some of them.

  • Walt Williams – classic beatdown of the guy that runs Pinnacle Preps. Got on the wrong side of Hog fans for his handling of Michael Dyer. Then things really went south with the lawsuit brought against him and his companyHere’s another thread about the whole thing in Classics. Walt’s lawyer even threw us a cease and desist order. To which he essentially got a “fuck off”. Woopig’s general counsel even went back hard at him. We never heard back from him. See the “Lance Cox” description below.
  • Arkansas Smack from Michael Buble Fans – Dr Keporkian provided a link to a Michael Buble board where they were talking trash about Arkansas. Woopiggers went over there en masse and proceeded to turn the place upside down. unfortunately, the link to that board no longer works…it’s gone.
  • Lance Cox – this one has gotten a little wrecked due to the fact that he threatened to sue me over the whole thing…so I cleared a bunch of stuff out. I learned a lot about what can be said on message boards from this one. If I knew then what I know now, it would have stayed up, intact, forever.
  • The Official Stinkhole Thread – started as a thread about Mustain’s mom being a roadblock. In his first post he said “Did Houston stinkhole her sister or something?” Took off from there. Not a long thread, but one that’s always good for a laugh.
  • The Sins of Bobby Petrino – started as a result of all of the bashing BMFP was taking in the media. We took it upon ourselves to grow the legend.
  • Helio Ocean Released – Hogs4Life was so excited about the Helio Ocean, he proclaimed it to be the device that killed all others. This thread has meandered for over three years.
  • Yo Kat Lady! – one of the creepiest threads evar. RoBoHawg04 posted an odd drawing of a woman in a cat costume drinking from a bowl of milk and went to the effort of putting KatoKat’s name on it. Turns out he likes building “erotic” models of women. He hasn’t been active on the site for five years now. I would have taken off too.
  • Saturday night was AWSOME – CrestHog posted about his kickass Saturday night saying he kicked it with several Hog football players. He got some grief about it and then rolled out with what made this a classic thread. “No, kicking it as in watching Marcus Monk iron his pants and listening to Cedric and Marc Winston argue about who is wearing some shirt. Why is it that people have to be so jealous?? Everyone on this board is an asshole and has nothing better to do but sit around and wait for people to post and then try to make fun of them for it.” Off to the races…and ironing pants is mentioned at least once every couple of weeks, almost six years later.
  • Fucking Saw Three Shit – ok, the real name of the thread is Darren McFadden highlight reel, but it falls apart in the first post. Eloquently described by WoopigFlowerMound. “Noob / retarded / drunk poster tries unsuccessfully to post a video.  So he tries again.  And then again.  Admins pushing brooms behind his trail of fail, then he’s finally able to see his video, but evidently was just expecting one – not the same one three different times.” He’s completely incoherent posting and finally throws out “God damn. Fucking saw three shit”. There’s absolutely no way to figure it out.
  • Flaming Tiger Tales – A Retrospective – Rage (Scrage) pulled off the best comparison of Woopig to Nobville, evar. He shows how each board responded to the ignition of the tiger tail on the Auburn fan van. Also the introduction of the Woopig vs Nobville videos. Here’s another before and after picture. Personally, I think it’s awesome.
  • A Tender Moment – Hurtt started this and others chipped in and took it to the next level. At first it was just a video making fun of Nutt and then became Woopig vs Nobville. They’re funny each and every time I watch them…and they incorporate a lot of stuff from this page.

The Most Epic Thread of All

What Happened to the Semi-Weekly Detention Center Thread

Courtesy hogthebountyhunter

This thread is by far the most active evar on Woopig, with over 9,800 posts and almost 560,000 views (as of 9/10/2010).  It started by just making fun of others’ woes by posting their picture from the Washington County Detention Center thread…and has continued with that theme, but it has provided numerous classic posts and topics within itself. Things we have learned from that thread:

  • there’s a lazy eye problem which is common among the arrestees
  • there are a lot of repeaters
  • current and former Hogs aren’t immune to showing up in the thread
  • a baseball cheerleader, Lacey, got hammered in the thread. Her sister showed up to take on her cause, only to get hammered as well. Lacey’s no longer on the squad
  • neck tattoos are apparently not a good career choice, unless you’re going to buy/sell meth
  • the thread has resulted in many Myspace and Facebook profiles getting set to private
  • TheSmokingGun.com watches the thread

Last but not least, Woopig gained a mascot in the biggest repeater in the thread. Leo Propst. He even has a Woopig tshirt now…and he was arrested for Public Intox 90 minutes after receiving it.